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Jackie Chan: My Stunts
Year: 1999 "Did I say to 'cut?' Keep rolling, or else!"
Jackie Chan
Director: Jackie Chan
Cast: Jackie Chan, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Bradley James Allan, Anthony Carpio, Mars, Chung Chi Li, Rocky Cheung, Bradley James Allan, Reuben Langdon
The Skinny: Documentary takes us inside the world of Jackie Chan's stunt and fight choreography
     Jackie Chan: My Stunts is the companion piece to the less interesting Jackie Chan: My Story. My Stunts begins by taking the viewer on a nostalgic tour of some of Chan's most famous action scenes. We're taken to the locations of his most accomplished film, Police Story, and reminded of how amazing and dangerous the stunts in that film were. We are then treated to an inside look at the lab where Chan and his celebrated stunt team come up with their ideas for new fight sequences. Chan takes us step-by-step through precise demonstrations of pole fighting and wire techniques. All the while, his enthusiasm for his work is palpable; even after all these years one gets the sense that his work is his whole life.
     Chan's perfectionist ways are illustrated to even greater effect in the behind the scenes clips from Who Am I (1998). During the filming of a rooftop fight Chan becomes frustrated with the performance of a fighter who is a real martial artist and not a movie actor. After several failed takes and a lot of patience, Chan finally replaces him with one of his own team members to get the results he wants. It's a very interesting peek at what it must be like to work with the man.
     Ironically, the best part of the documentary occurs when Chan leaves the proceedings to several members of his team. Two of the members demonstrate shot-by-shot how to successfully execute a fight scene. Chan's stunt team members are greatly responsible for his longevity in film, and he lets them take the credit they deserve. Jackie Chan: My Stunts is a very educational and entertaining documentary, and fans of Jackie Chan—and kung fu films in general—will most certainly come away with a greater respect for the people behind the movies. (Magicvoice 2003)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Megastar/Media Asia
Cantonese and English Language Tracks
Removable English and Chinese subtitles

image courtesy of Mega Star Video Distribution, Ltd.

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