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Millionaire Cop 
Year: 1993
Director: Cheung Gon-Man
Producer: Wong Jing
Writer: Dennis Chan Kwok-San

Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing, Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk, Ng Man-Tat, Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching, Yuen King-Tan, Xiong Xin-Xin, Deric Wan Siu-Lun, Lee Siu-Kei

The Skinny: Big stars, bad movie.
by Kozo:
     Wong Jing garbage features Aaron Kwok in a smarmy, annoying performance as an undercover cop who has to pretend to be two people at once (himself and the son of Lee Ka-Sing) to fool his girlfriend (Chingmy Yau), and his co-worker (Maggie Cheung). Ng Man-Tat is the partner who has a pervertís hand grafted onto him, leading to all sorts of crappy humor. Avoid this film if you can. It's a sophomoric comedy with few saving graces: decent fights and the presence of Chingmy Yau, whoís actually quite appealing in this movie. Maggie Cheung isn't bad herself, but her performance is so remote that the phrase "cashing a check" comes to mind. Thankfully, movies like this are seldom made anymore. Fun point: the return of Silver Fox from The Saviour of the Soul. Thatís about it the only interesting thing that happens here. (Kozo 1997)
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