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The Other Side of the Sea
Year: 1994
Director: Raymond Lee Wai-Man
Action: Lau Chi-Ho
Cast: Michelle Reis (Lee Ka-Yan), Ma King-To, Wan Yeung-Ming, Xiong Xin-Xin (Hung Yan-Yan), Pong Hiu-Hung, Lin Wei, Lau Siu-Ming, Ng Lai-Chu
The Skinny: Michelle Reis as an assassin? If you can buy that, then you might like this watchable, but unimportant and silly action film that also features seaside romance. That's right: an action film with seaside romance. It could be a new genre.
by Kozo:
     Yet another female professional killer story, only this time said professional killer is played by the amazingly beautiful Michelle Reis. Reis plays an ace hitwoman who tires of the life and escapes to a seaside town, where she falls in love with the local innkeeper. Unfortunately, the evil crime syndicate considers her a loose end and decides to send the posse after her. Her idyllic break is torn asunder by gun-toting baddies who threaten to hurt the people she's grown to care about. There's only one thing she can do: kill all of them. With prejudice.
     Equal time in this film is given to the action and the love story, so the resulting product is an uneven mishmash that feels - and frankly is - quite ludicrous. The lovey-dovey romance scenes are gentle while the action/crime plotline is overly dramatic. The two parts don't work well together, rendering the picture a mediocre, but watchable curiosity. Helping matters is the setting, which is quite appealing for the romantic plotline. In addition, the insanely beautiful Reis more than surpasses her industry standard for eye candy. Still, the idea of a hitwoman who dresses in flower-print shirts and overalls overtaxes the required suspension of disbelief. As a cinematic experience, this is an unimportant and unnecessary film, but fans of Michelle Reis might want to check it out. (Kozo 1996) Copyright 2002-2017 Ross Chen