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Young Policemen in Love
Year: 1995 "Bastard! He's always one step ahead of me!"
Nicky Wu and Takeshi Kaneshiro
Director: Chiu Yen-Ping
Producer: Wong Jing

Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nicky Wu, Charlie Young Choi-Nei, Yip Chuen-Chun, Wong Yat-Fei

The Skinny: A bad movie by most standards, but also amusing fluff for popstar chasers.
by Kozo:
     Wong Jing’s Workshop made this film and it shows. It’s a cheap, silly flick about two young, handsome policemen named Garlic and Gimmick (Nicky Wu and Takeshi Kaneshiro) who go undercover in Wong Fei-Hong College to protect a mainland general’s daughter played by Charlie Young.
     Let’s put the cards on the table: this isn’t a very good film. Director Chiu Yen-Ping borrows liberally from Stephen Chow’s Fight Back to School and one action sequence is blatantly (nearly shot-for-shot) ripped off from Lethal Weapon III. Also, Nicky Wu is the epitome of the popstar actor: all looks, but no real depth. Still, Takeshi Kaneshiro is likable and Charlie Young steals the flick when she finally appears fifty whole minutes into the damn thing. She hangs around for thirty minutes and then the film ends.
     To sum up: it's pretty people in mindless fluff that entertains, but doesn’t do much else. The high point of the film is probably the Five Invincible Stances from the “Secret Scroll of Dating Girls.” Music stolen from A Fish Called Wanda. I find this movie sort of amusing. Sue me. (Kozo 1996)
image courtesy of Mei Ah Laserdisc Co., Ltd.
 Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen