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Super Lady Cop
Year: 1992
Director: Wellson Chin Sing-Wai
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Alex Man Chi-Leung, Athena Chu Yan, Yuen Wah, Peter Lai Bei-Tak, Eddie Ng Gwok-Ging
The Skinny: Fun action and the adorable Athena Chu are the big keys here. Everything else is forgettable if not sometimes offensive. Pretty typical early-nineties Hong Kong Cinema, meaning the energy almost makes up for the lack of everything else. Almost.
by Kozo:

     Cynthia Khan kicks some male ass in Super Lady Cop, an early-nineties relic that partially entertains thanks to high-speed, nineties-era Hong Kong action. However, as was also typical for many early-nineties HK Cinema relics, everything else but the action is substandard and sometimes damn near interminable. Ah, good times. Khan is Ling, a Mainland super cop who gained her amazing abilities from state-funded experiments. She's dispatched to HK to chase a trio of rogue comrades who also underwent similar experiments, except they turned out defective. What that means is they're given to rape, murder, and crossdressing - a tasteless bunch of details that play exceptionally poorly some fourteen years later. Khan is after her former comrades, and brings along her handy "memory loss gun". Sadly, she gets zapped by her own weapon and soon forgets that she's a Mainland super cop.
     Ling gets taken in by wacky cop Chui Shui, played by Alex Man in a performance so annoying that it could be viewed as some sort of psychological torture. Chiu Shui and teenybopper Yoki (Athena Chu) witness Ling's action chops first hand, so they name her "Chun Li", after the Street Fighter II heroine. Predictably, this moniker leads to the sight of Cynthia Khan performing a ridiculous version of the "spinning bird kick", but not before tons of interminable comedy and hijinks involving Chui Shui and his womanizing ways. Chui Shui is supposedly quite attractive in this film, to the point that jailbait supreme Yoki lusts after him in a grossly unbelievable manner. Less tolerant audience members may retch and/or destroy their television. Fast forward was designed for films like these.
     Completists who must watch every Cynthia Khan or Athena Chu movie should be happy with Super Lady Cop. Khan gets to strut her stuff in a few sequences, and Chu is more adorable than is humanly possible. Completists seeking to watch every Alex Man film should also check out the film, after which they should seek psychiatric help for their obvious mental and/or emotional problems. Man's smarmy antics are so distasteful here that it might make a person swear off his actual good performances in films like Hong Kong 1941 or Rouge. At the very least, Super Lady Cop provides the occasional stunt, and the action can sometimes amuse - when it isn't overcranked to ridiculous speeds. Director Wellson Chin was also responsible for the Inspectors Wear Skirts films, so we know he can do better than this. As nostalgia, Super Lady Cop has some minor merit, but that's all it is: minor. (Kozo 2006)

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