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21st Annual LoveHKFilm Awards

This is embarrassing. This latest edition of the LoveHKFilm Awards is being published in December 2016 and yet it covers films that were released way back in 2015. This is not the fault of the seven member jury, since they convened in July to determine the winners. This is entirely the fault of the site webmaster, who put these awards at the bottom of his priority list. We'd fire him if we could.

Anyway, these awards are limited to films with Hong Kong or China crew and investment that received regular theatrical play in Hong Kong cinemas during the 2015 calendar year. If the film only played in a festival or went straight-to-video, we didn't consider it. Them's the breaks.

A full list of jury members can be found below. Thanks to each of them for their participation during this and previous years. Unfortunately, two of our seven jury members have since left Hong Kong so next year we'll only have a jury of five. That is, if we even do this next year. We may forget to renew our domain name and then where will these awards be?

  Best Picture
Saving Mr. Wu
  Best Director
Tsui Hark
The Taking of Tiger Mountain
  Best Actress
Vicki Zhao Wei
  Best Actor
Wang Qianyuan
Saving Mr. Wu
  Best Supporting Actress
Angelica Lee Sum-Kit
Murmur of the Hearts
  Best Supporting Actor
Michael Ning
Port of Call
  Best New Artist
Michael Ning
Port of Call
  Best Screenplay
Jiang Wen, Wang Shuo, Liao Yimei,
Shu Ping, Yan Yunfei, Guo Junli,
Sun Yue, Sun Rui, Yu Yanlin
Gone with the Bullets
  Best Action
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences
  Worst Picture
Lost in Wrestling
  Most Underrated Film
Gone with the Bullets
Few really understand or like Jiang Wen's latest, so to us that means it's underrated. We hope that it finds a new audience after Rogue One.
  Most Overrated Film
Little Big Master
2015's most likeable film is also its most mawkish and contrived. The kids are cute, but worth a HK$50 million gross? We lean towards "no".
  Most Bizarre Film
Lost in Wrestling
Who were the ad wizards who came up with this one? And what group of idiots was crazy enough to bankroll it? And what was the distributor thinking? Seriously, movie people, don't do drugs.
  Most Disappointing Film
Triumph in the Skies
Wilson Yip has really hit rock bottom, hasn't he? Sure, he's doing Ip Man 4, but even if it's good we should deny him credit simply on principle. Further support for our anti-Wilson Yip stance: Magic to Win.
  Most Awesome
Zhang Hanyu
The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Did you see this movie? If so, you should know that Zhang Hanyu is all sorts of awesome. He could win this award again for John Woo's action thriller Manhunt.
  Most Annoying
Stupido the Robot
From Vegas to Macau II
Did you see this movie? If so, you should know that Stupido, the comedy relief robot with the most appropriate name ever, is all sorts of annoying. Also, sorry that you saw From Vegas to Macau II.
  Most Underrated

Huang Xuan
Blind Massage
You remember Huang Xuan in Blind Massage, don't you? If not, you should take another look at his performance because he was pretty good. Keep him away from your dinnerware, though.
  The Liu Kai-Chi
Overacting Award

Adrien Brody
Dragon Blade
Adrien Brody will be happy to hear he's won this year's Liu Kai-Chi Overacting Award for his role as the super-evil bad guy in Dragon Blade. The award will look great next to that Oscar he won when he kissed Halle Berry.
  Taking Up Space
The Whole Cast
I Am Somebody
Derek Yee's I Am Somebody is about movie extras and to make it especially poignant, Yee cast actual movie extras. Seeing their acting, it's pretty easy to see why they're just extras.
  Funniest Performer
Sin Lap-Man
The Gigolo
Smarmy Category III staple Sin Lap-Man sent up his own career as a supreme ladies man in The Gigolo, in which he plays an aging gigolo who trains a newbie how to pleasure women. We giggled.
  Career Suicide
Jaycee Chan and Ko Chen-Tung
Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko share this award for lighting up in China and subsequently having their careers frozen. In Jaycee's case, he went to jail. Jackie was reportedly unhappy. Next time get high in Taiwan, guys.
  The Babel Fish Award
Have an international cast in your film? If so, write in a ridiculous plot device like the handy in-ear translator of Helios to justify your actors speaking in their own languages. If only these devices could decipher what the filmmakers were thinking.
  The "Best Man Ever"

Andy Lau Tak-Wah
Saving Mr. Wu
Andy Lau plays the perfect man a.k.a. himself in Saving Mr. Wu. Not only is he a kind superstar and a great friend, but he'll stand up to violent kidnappers and even console a fellow kidnappee who cries like a little child about being tied up. Seriously, vote this guy into public office already.
  The "Best Woman Ever"

Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah
Little Big Master
Miriam Yeung owns this award for playing real-life school principal Liu Wai-Hung, who risked her health to run a kindergarten while earning about US$600 a month. Also, she steadfastly supported her husband, who spent his days not realizing she was sick and building a guillotine. The woman was a saint.
  The Hand of China Award
Ten Years
China's suppression of this movie and everything having to do with it demonstrates its unswerving righteousness and moral character. Also, Mao was the fifth Beatle and invented the hula hoop.
  The Award for
the Best Film of All Time

Future Cops
Just kidding! We're only checking to see if you're still paying attention. You are, right? Um, hello?
  The Andy Lau
Product Placement Award

Paris Holiday
Pepsi pitchman Louis Koo fulfilled his contract and then some by starring in Paris Holiday, a romance that manages to cram cans of Pepsi and bags of Lay's potato chips into every scene it can - including at a wedding dinner, which features guests celebrating while cans of Pepsi and bags of Lay's sit on their plates instead of actual food. That's marketing and also a horribly-catered wedding.
  The "Airways of Love" Award
for the Best Performance by
Michael Wong in a film
starring Michael Wong

Carl Ng Ka-Lung
To the Fore
Carl Ng's smarmy English language performance in To the Fore stuck out like a sore thumb - just like Michael Wong in nearly all his features. Nobody can replace Michael Wong, but Carl Ng can win an award with Mike's name on it.
  Best Nose
Tony Leung Ka-Fai
The Taking of Tiger Mountain
We know it's fake, but look at that thing. It deserves its own screen credit and zip code.
  The Team Player Award
Philip Keung Ho-Man
The enormously prolific and surprisingly versatile Philip Keung Ho-Man was this year's top team player. Frankly, he could win this award every year.
  The Horse Whisperer

The Vanished Murderer
Mystery-thriller The Vanished Murderer features many strange diversions - but none weirder than a scene where Lau Ching-Wan mounts a horse and somehow commands it to play dead and beat up bad guys. That's some horse! Lau should dump Louis Koo and hang out with this horse regularly.
  The Physics Award
Chang Chen vs. Car
Monk Comes Down the Mountain
SPOILER ALERT but who cares because this spoiler will make you want to see Monk Comes Down the Mountain, which features Chang Chen taking on a speeding car with a staff and somehow winning. Maybe visual effects were involved in the scene but we're sure that Chang Chen could easily defeat a car in real life. Without the staff.
  The Unwatchable Award
Super Models
Two of our jury decided that Super Models was far and away the worst movie of the year. However, it still couldn't make our Worst Films list because everybody else refused to see it, thus ruining its weighted score and forcing us to remove it from consideration. We regret nothing.
  The Dynasty Award
Lady of the Dynasty
This troubled period drama and its ridiculous romanticism make primo fodder for Hong Kong's best/worst cinema experience, The Dynasty in Mongkok. Also relevant: the film's title and the fact that its Hong Kong distributor is Newport - the same company that runs The Dynasty.
  The Next 10 Best Films of 2015
The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Blind Massage
The Assassin
Gone with the Bullets
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences
Ten Years
Port of Call
Little Big Master
The Dead End

The Next 10 Worst Films of 2015
Love Detective
Triumph in the Skies
Return of the Cuckoo
Angel Whispers
One Night in Taipei
From Vegas to Macau II
Big Fortune Hotel
Lucky Star 2015
Lady of the Dynasty



The LoveHKFilm Awards Jury

Ross Chen (a.k.a. Kozo)

Shelley Cheung
Minion of Kozo and Editing Monkey,

Paul Fox (a.k.a. Foxlore)
College Lecturer, Media Studies, HKU Space
Creator and Host, East Screen/West Screen Podcast

Diana Mitrano

Former Minion,

Tim Youngs
Film Festival Consultant

Yuen Man (a.k.a Garden)
Chinese Editor,

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