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Sin Lap-Man
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AKA: Tan Lap-Man
AKA: Pal Sin
- actor - musician - smarmy Category III staple -
Tan Lap-Man in God of Gamblers 2 (1990) Tan Lap-Man in City Hunter (1993) Tan Lap-Man in Coup De Grace (1991) Tan Lap-Man in A Wedding or a Funeral (2004)
  A veteran musician, Sin Lap-Man is regarded as one of the top bass guitarists in Hong Kong. He was a member of two of the more interesting bands to come out of the 80s band explosion, Chyna and Blue Jeans. Sin appeared with his two Blue Jeans band mates in the quirky ensemble comedy Carry On Hotel (1988), in which they also performed briefly. He’s written and produced songs for Kelly Chen and can often be found jamming onstage with artists like Candy Lo and Joey Tang. Because Blue Jeans disbanded in 1990, most people probably only know Sin from his hammy acting in movies and television, and his many appearances in costumed Category III skin flicks. The role he has played more times than any other is that of the Simon Hsing, the infamous villain and wife-usurper from classic Chinese literature. Sin first played the role in Clara Law’s Reincarnation of Golden Lotus (1989) for which he earned a Hong Kong Film Award Best New Performer nomination. He reprised the role in various Category III movies with “Lotus” in the title (some of them directed by the late Li Han-Hsiang), and also in a TVB series. Sin has also played smarmy villains in God of Gamblers II (1990) and Fire Dragon (1994). These days he mostly appears in B-movies and TVB serials, which seem to take up much of his time, as Sin Tan was notably absent from the recent 2004 Blue Jeans reunion. (Yinique 2005)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Carry on Hotel (1988)
Operation Pink Squad (1988)
Reincarnation of Golden Lotus (1989)
Love is Love (1990)
Here Comes a Vampire (1990)
Erotic Ghost Story (1990)
God of Gamblers 2 (1990)
Queen of Underworld (1991)
Golden Lotus (1991)
Dances with the Dragon (1991)
The Demon Wet Nurse (1992)
The Story Of Lady Sue (1992)
Coup De Grace (1992)
All Men Are Brothers (1993)
City Hunter (1993)
Little Woman (1993)
Fire Dragon (1994)
The Amorous Lotus Pan (1994)
The Wrath of Silence (1994)
Hunting List (1994)
Whatever you Want (1994)
Super Mischieves (1995)
Jin Pin Mei (1996)
I'm Stone in Love with You (1999)
Dead End (2001)
A Wedding or a Funeral (2004)
Exodus (2007)
Dream Home (2010)
Frozen (2010)
The Way We Were (2011)
Lan Kwai Fong (2011)
The Silent War (2012)
Cross (2012)
Young and Dangerous: Reloaded (2013)
Aberdeen (2014)
The Gigolo (2015)
Wong Ka Yan (2015)
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