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Ruby Lin
Cantonese:  Lam Sum-Yu
- actor - singer - model -
Ruby Lin in Comic King (2001)
  A model turned actress, Ruby Lin was born on January 27, 1976 in Taipei. She shot to fame all across Asia after starring in the Taiwan television series "Princess Returning Pearl." Riding the wave of popularity brought by the series, Lin gained the opportunity to appear in a few Hong Kong films, among them Winner Takes All (2000), China Strike Force (2000) and Comic King (2001). For the most part, she has focused on television, but she will appear later this year in Love Trilogy, a new film co-starring Francis Ng and Anita Yuen.

Reportedly, many directors and co-stars have been impressed by Lin’s ability to cry on cue and memorize her lines perfectly. The crying, in particular, has come in handy since she graduated from the Qiong Yao (a.k.a the "Queen of Weepy Dramas") School of Acting. Qiong (who authored and produced "Princess Returning Pearl") is the one who gave Lin her big break and, despite rumours of a fallout, Lin continues to appear regularly in Qiong’s productions. (Yinique 2003)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
School Days (1995)
The Mirror (1999)
Bad Girl Trilogy (1999)
My Wished (1999)
Winner Takes All (2000)
A Matter of Time (2000)
Romantic Storm (2000)
China Strike Force (2000)
Comic King (2001)
Dragon's Love (2003)
Love Trilogy (2004)
Life Express (2004)
Sophie's Revenge (2009)
Driverless (2010)
You Deserve to Be Single (2010)
Blood Stained Shoes (2012)
The House (2013)
Fallen City (2013)
My Lucky Star (2013)
The House That Never Dies (2014)
The Wonderful Wedding (2015)
Phantom of the Theatre (2016)
The Precipice Game (2016)
The Devotion of Suspect X (2017)
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