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"This is how I amuse myself in jail."
Nicholas Tse and friends

O Sing-Pui


Philip Kwok Chun-Fung

Cast: Eason Chan Yik-Shun, Julian Cheung Chi-Lam, Ruby Lin (Lam Sum-Yu), Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung, Raymond Wong Bak-Ming, Hacken Lee Hak-Ken, Law Lan, Spencer Lam Seung-Yi, Tats Lau Yi-Tat, Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung
The Skinny: Finally, a film that makes Wong Jing look like Stanley Kubrick!
by Kozo:
     Those mavens at TVB were the producers of this sorry excuse for a Lunar New Year’s Comedy. The obviously hurried and cheap production values can be directly attributed to them as well. Eason Chan and Julian Cheung (who recently had a career resurgence on TVB)  play two comic book artists who make it big but let a woman (Ruby Lin) get between them. Along the way we get various comic book parodies, including riffs on A Man Called Hero, Storm Riders, and a few others that weren't made into movies.
     The only reason to watch this film would be for the inside jokes on HK’s comic industry (which may be a mystery to some), and for Nicholas Tse as the imaginary comic book hero of many a dream sequence. His appearance is essentially a cameo, but his screen presence works wonders. Conversely, Eason Chan turns in one of the worst performances EVER. The rest of the film doesn't fare much better, with the simply awful Tony Wong (king of Jademan comics) parody standing out as probably the most annoying comedy bit of the year. Yes, this movie is as bad as they come. (Kozo 2001)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Widesight Entertainment
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
English and Chinese Subtitles

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