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Marco Mak Chi-Sin
- editor - director - writer -
selected filmography
Edge of Fury (1978)[editor]
The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1986)[editor]
Watch Out (1986)[editor]
Yu Pui Tsuen (1986)[editor]
A Better Tomorrow III (1989)[editor]
Chinese Cop Out (1989)[editor]
Erotic Nights (1989)[editor]
Iron Angel 3 (1989)[editor]
Runaway Blues (1989)[editor]
The Terracotta Warrior (1989)[editor]
A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990)[editor]
Once Upon a Time in China (1991)[editor]
Swordsman (1990)[editor]
Temptation Summary (1990)[editor]
The Banquet (1991)[editor]
Bullet for Hire (1991)[editor]
A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (1991)[editor]
Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)[editor]
Queen's High (1991)[editor]
The Raid (1991)[editor]
Red and Black (1991)[editor]
Scheming Wonders (1991)[editor]
A Kid From Tibet (1992)[editor]
King Of Chess (1992)[editor]
Once Upon a Time in China III (1993)[editor]
Swordsman II (1992)[editor]
Twin Dragons (1992)[editor]
The Wicked City (1992)[editor]
Iron Monkey (1993)[editor]
The Magic Crane (1993)[editor]
Once Upon a Time in China IV (1993)[editor]
The Lovers (1994)[editor]
Once Upon a Time in China V (1994)[editor]
The Chinese Feast (1995)[editor]
Love in the Time of Twilight (1995)[editor]
Mean Street Story (1995)[editor]
Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)[editor]
Dr. Wai in "The Scripture with No Words" (1996)[editor]
Shanghai Grand (1996)[editor]
Full Alert (1997)[editor]
Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997)[editor]
We're No Bad Guys (1997)[editor]
The Blacksheep Affair (1998)[editor]
Cheap Killers (1998)[editor]
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 (1998)[editor]
The Conman (1998)[editor]
The Group (1998)[editor]
How to Get Rich by Fung Shui (1998)[editor]
Love Generation Hong Kong (1998)[editor]
Mr. Wai-Go (1998)[editor]
Operation Billionaires (1998)[editor]
The Poet (1998)[editor]
Step into the Dark (1998)[editor]
The Storm Riders (1998)[editor]
Young and Dangerous 5 (1998)[editor]
Your Place or Mine (1998)[editor]
The Conmen in Vegas (1999)[editor]
Erotic Nightmare (1999)[editor]
Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood (1999)[editor]
The Legend of Speed (1999)[editor]
The Blood Rules (2000)[director]
The Duel (2000)[editor]
Fist Power (2000)[editor]
Love Correction (2000)[director]
My Name is Nobody (2000)[editor]
Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement (2000)[editor]
Those Were the Days (2000)[editor]
Time and Tide (2000)[editor]
City of Desire (2001)[editor]
Cop on a Mission (2001)[editor][director]
Everyday is Valentine (2001)[editor]
A Gambler's Story (2001)[editor][director]
The Legend of Zu (2001)[editor]
Love au Zen (2001)[editor]
Maniacal Night (2001)[editor]
The Replacement Suspects (2001)[editor][director]
Beauty and the Breast (2002)[editor]
Haunted Office (2002)[director]
The Peeping (2002)[director][editor]
The Wall (2002)[writer/director/editor]
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters (2002)[editor]
Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002)[editor]
Colour of the Truth (2003)[co-director]
Xanda (2003)[director]
Hidden Heroes (2004)[editor]
Slim Till Dead (2005)[director]
Set to Kill (2005)[director][editor]
The Shopaholics (2006)[editor]
Wo Hu (2006)[director]
House of Mahjong (2007)[director]
Dancing Lion (2007)[co-director]
A Decade of Love (2008)[director]
Tracing Shadow (2009)[co-director]
Just Another Pandora's Box (2010)[actor]
Naked Soldier (2012)[director]
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