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Parkman Wong Pak-Man
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- actor - director -
Parkman Wong in The Untold Story (1993) Parkman Wong in Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994) Parkman Wong in Twist (1995) Parkman Wong in Organized Crime and Triad Buearu (1994)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
The Informer (1980)
Murderer Pursues (1981)
Oh, My Cops! (1983)[writer only]
The Law with Two Phases (1984)
Parking Service (1986)
The Law Enforcer (1986)
Just Heroes (1987)
City on Fire (1987)
Vampire's Breakfast (1987)
Final Justice (1988)[cameo][director]
Thank You, Sir (1989)[also writer]
The Killer (1989)
The Unmatchable Match (1990)[writer/director only]
Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)
Red Shield (1991)[director only]
Rhythm Of Destiny (1992)[producer only]
Dr. Lamb (1992)
The Untold Story (1993)
Organized Crime & Triad Bureau (1994)
Fearless Match (1994)
Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994)
To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui (1994)[cameo]
Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb (1994)
Nobody Ever Cheats (1994)
Shoot To Kill (1994)
Portrait of a Serial Rapist (1994)
Twist (1995)
Man Wanted (1995)
No Justice for All (1995)
New Tenant (1995)
The Adventurers (1995)[cameo]
City Cop (1995)
Operation Billionaires (1998)
My Wife is a Gambling Maestro (2008)
I Corrupt All Cops (2009)
Rebellion (2009)
Black Ransom (2010)
Triad (2012)
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