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Herman Yau Lai-To
- director - cinematographer - producer - writer -
Herman Yau in Happy Family (2002)
selected filmography
No Regret (1987)[director]
Reunion (1988)[cinematographer]
Sentenced to Hang (1989)[cinematographer]
Stars and Roses (1989)[cinematographer]
Triads: The Inside Story (1989)[cinematographer]
Don't Fool Me (1991)[director]
Fantasy Romance (1991)[cinematographer]
My Flying Wife (1991)[cinematographer]
Best Of The Best (1992)[writer/director]
Deadly Dream Woman (1992)[cinematographer]
Freedom Run Q (1992)[cinematographer]
The Magic Touch (1992)[cinematographer]
With Or Without You (1992)[cinematographer]
C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri (1993)[actor]
No More Love, No More Death (1993)[director]
Taxi Hunter (1993)[writer/director]
The Untold Story (1993)[director]
Cop Image (1994)[director]
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Just a Violinist! (1994)[director]
Fearless Match (1994)[director]
Twentysomething (1994)[cinematographer]
City Cop (1995)[director]
Highway Man (1995)[director][cinematographer]
No Justice for All (1995)[director]
New Tenant (1995)[actor]
Red Zone (1995)[cinematographer]
Adventurous Treasure Island (1996)[director]
All of a Sudden (1996)[director]
Best of the Best (1996)[actor]
Ebola Syndrome (1996)[director]
Mr. Mumble (1996)[cameo]
War of the Underworld (1996)[director]
97 Aces Go Places (1997)[cinematographer]
Troublesome Night (1997)[director]
Troublesome Night 2 (1997)[director]
Walk In (1997)[director]
9413 (1998)[cinematographer][producer]
Troublesome Night 3 (1998)[director]
Troublesome Night 4 (1998)[director]
Fascination Amour (1999)[director]
The Masked Prosecutor (1999)[director]
Troublesome Night 5 (1999)[director]
Troublesome Night 6 (1999)[director]
The Untold Story 3 (1999)[director]
Crying Heart (2000)[cinematographer]
Time and Tide (2000)[cinematographer]
From the Queen to the Chief Executive (2001)[director]
Killing End (2001)[writer/director]
The Legend of Zu (2001)[cinematographer]
Master Q 2001 (2001)[writer/director]
Nightmares in Precinct 7 (2001)[writer/director]
Happy Family (2002)[director][writer][cameo]
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters (2002)[cinematographer]
Shark Busters (2002)[director]
Give Them a Chance (2003)[director]
Happy Go Lucky (2003)[cinematographer]
Xanda (2003)[cinematographer]
Herbal Tea (2004)[director][co-writer]
Papa Loves You (2004)[director/producer]
Astonishing (2004)[writer/director]
Dating Death (2004)[director]
The Unusual Youth (2005)[cinematographer][producer]
The Ghost Inside (2005)[director]
Lethal Ninja (2006)[director][writer]
Cocktail (2006)[director]
Love @ First Note (2006)[cinematographer]
On the Edge (2006)[writer/director]
Fatal Contact (2006)[cinematographer][producer]
A Mob Story (2007)[director]
Whispers and Moans (2007)[director][writer]
Dancing Lion (2007)[cinematographer]
Gong Tau (2007)[director][writer][producer]
Fatal Move (2008)[cinematographer][producer]
Chaos (2008)[director]
True Women for Sale (2008)[director][writer]
The First 7th Night (2008)[director][writer]
Permanent Residence (2009)[cinematographer]
A Very Short Life (2009)[cinematographer]
Turning Point (2009)[director]
Split Second Murders (2009)[director]
Rebellion (2009)[director][writer]
Bad Blood (2010)[cinematographer]
All's Well End's Well Too 2010 (2010)[director]
The Legend is Born - Ip Man (2010)[director]
Vampire Warriors (2010)[cinematographer]
The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (2011)[director]
Turning Point 2 (2011)[director]
Love Lifting (2012)[director]
Love Actually...Sucks! (2012)[cinematographer][actor]
Nightmare (2012)[director]
Ip Man - The Final Fight (2013)[director]
The Second Coming (2014)[director
Kung Fu Angels (2014)[director]
Sara (2014)[director]
An Inspector Calls (2015)[director]
The Mobfathers (2016)[director]
Nessun Dorma (2016)[director]
Shock Wave (2017)[director]
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