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Legacy of Rage
Year: 1986
"My face is stuck this way!"
Brandon Lee gets mad
Director: Ronny Yu Yan-Tai
Producer: Linda Kuk Mei-Lai
Writer: Fung Sai-Hung, Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
Action: Mang Hoi
Cast: Brandon Lee, Michael Wong Mun-Tak, Chan Wai-Man, Regina Kent, Yip Wing-Cho, Mang Hoi, Kirk Wong Chi-Keung, Guk Fung, Jue Hak, Ng Man-Tat, Shing Fui-On, Bolo Yeung, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Blacky Ko Sau-Leung
The Skinny: The first Brandon Lee action extravaganza is an average HK action flick. Those seeking Hard Boiled will be disappointed, but this movie is still better than Navy Seals.
by Kozo:
     The first starring vehicle of Brandon Lee is a decent actioner, though it suffers from poor plotting and an ultimate blandness. The younger Lee is betrayed by "best friend" Michael Wong, who's a nasty triad guy who has a thing for Lee's fiance (Regina Kent). Wong frames Lee for the murder of a cop, which sends Lee up the river for a good while. When he gets out, he vows revenge, but things are more complicated than you'd expect. In his absence, Wong has risen higher up the triad ladder, and has his claws deep into Lee's old girlfriend. Then Brandon gets out and it's revenge time.
     The plot and melodrama are rather standard eighties action fodder, but the decently choreographed action helps carry the film. It's too bad there isn't more action, as the film possesses little in the way of character. Everybody here is a standard type, and the dialogue and acting are no great shakes. Brandon Lee shows some decent presence and intensity, and Michael Wong is dubbed, immensely helping his performance. For average HK action, Legacy of Rage isn't too bad, though it could have used a decent helping of creativity. More kung-fu and less guns would have been nice, too. (Kozo 1996)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Mei Ah Laser
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
English and Chinese Subtitles
image courtesy of Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd.
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