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Kirk Wong Chi-Keung
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AKA: Che-Kirk Wong
- director - producer - actor -
Kirk Wong in I Love Maria (1988) Kirk Wong in God of Gamblers 2 (1990)
selected filmography
The Club (1981)[director]
Interpol (1982)[action]
Kung Fu Cook (1982)[writer/director]
Health Warning (1983)[director]
Lifeline Express (1984)[director]
Just Like Weather (1986)[actor]
Legacy of Rage (1986)[actor]
True Colours (1986)[director][action]
Sworn Brothers (1987)[actor]
Long Arm of the Law 2 (1987)[actor]
Final Justice (1988)[actor]
Fury (1988)[actor]
Gunmen (1988)[director]
I Love Maria (1988)[actor]
The Truth (1988)[actor]
Casino Raiders (1989)[actor]
Path of Glory (1989)[actor]
Long Arm of the Law 3 (1989)[actor]
Forsaken Cop (1990)[writer]
Fortune Code (1990)[cameo]
God of Gamblers 2 (1990)[cameo]
Return to Action (1990)[writer]
Shanghai 1920 (1991)[cameo]
Pink Lady (1992)[writer]
Taking Manhattan (1992)[director]
The Twin Dragons (1992)[actor]
Crime Story (1993)[director]
Love to Kill (1993)[producer]
The Mad Monk (1993)[actor]
Small Potato (1993)[presenter]
Beginner's Luck (1994)[actor]
Bomb Disposal Office - Baby Bomb (1994)[actor]
Crystal Fortune Run (1994)[actor]
Fait Accompli (1994)[actor]
Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (1994)[director]
Rock n' Roll Cop (1994)[director][producer]
Police Confidential (1995)[producer]
Those Were the Days (1995)[actor]
The Big Hit (1998)[director]
Kung Fu Jungle (2014)[actor]

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