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The Magnificent Scoundrels
Chinese: 情聖 "It's quite chilly today!"
Don't ask: Stephen Chow and Amy Yip
Year: 1991
Director: Lee Lik-Chee
Producer: Danny Lee Sau-Yin, Karl Maka
Cast: Stephen Chow Sing-Chi, Teresa Mo Sun-Kwan, Wu Ma, Amy Yip Chi-Mei, Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung, Tien Niu, Yuen Wah, Karl Maka, Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu, Gabriel “Turtle” Wong Yat-San, Mimi Chu Mi-Mi
The Skinny: Lots of laughs abound in this lowbrow comedy that should satisfy most Stephen Chow fans.
by Kozo:

The usual Stephen Chow gags populate this lowbrow comedy that should satisfy Chow's fanbase. He plays a con man who runs scams like pretending to be a Mainland refugee and fleecing tourists for "artifacts". He partners up with inept grifter Teresa Mo when she tries to rip him off. Since they're both rather unsuccessful, their evil loan shark (Roy Cheung) forces them to steal from the rich. Meanwhile, Cheung also enters into a con agreement with another set of debtors (Wu Man and Tien Niu). The two disguise themselves as a rich couple and attempt to scam a rich Mainland visitor named Jackie. By some miracle circumstance, it's Chow who poses as Jackie, and the two sets of con-artists fruitlessly attempt to con one another. Meanwhile, Amy Yip shows up and steals screen time with her ample assets.

Wacky comedy rules the day, but the focus here is more situational than nonsensical. The elaborate schemes and screwy con-games provide most of the laughs, and Stephen Chow's trademark physical comedy provides all the rest. As a movie, The Magnificent Scoundrels possesses nothing truly exceptional, but the cast and the genial (if occasionally tasteless) comedy make the film one of Chow's better earlier efforts. Teresa Mo can be occasionally annoying, but usually the film acknowedges such. Roy Cheung and Yuen Wah turn in remarkably self-effacing performances as the baddies, and Amy Yip is fan service personified. Basically, all the tools are here for a low-maintenance Stephen Chow fix. If that's what you're looking for then you should be okay. (Kozo 1996/1999)

Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Universe Laser
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles
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image courtesy of Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd. Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen