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Stand Behind the Yellow Line
Year: 1997
Director: Billy Chan Wui-Ngai
Producer: Jimmy Wang Yu
Cast: Nicky Wu, Annie Wu, Francis Ng Chun-Yu, Law Lan, Dick Wei, Chan Chi-Ming, Wong Chung-Chaai, Gaan Pooi-Pooi, Choi Chaan-Dak, Lee Jun-Sing
The Skinny: Next!
by Kozo:
     Cheesy teenybopper romance/action features Nicky Wu as a kung-fu teacher who befriends a runaway prostitute (Annie Wu) who hurt her leg while escaping from those who would do her harm. She hides in his apartment while she heals and you can take it from there. Action arrives in the form of Francis Ng as the pimp/triad boss who wants to get Annie back. At first he seems righteous, but eventually he goes all postal after our two young lovers.
     Sometimes over-stylized, this flick is tolerably cheesy, but it can never rate more than one star (if I felt like doling out stars). The secret to this crappy flick is the fact that it was made in 1996, over a year before it came out and died. That explains Francis Ng slumming, though you gotta love his all-out enthusiasm as pathetic idiots. That he was willing to get beat up by Nicky Wu means that he either needed the money or treats comic embarrassment (i.e. 97 Aces Go Places) as an art form.
(Kozo 1997)
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