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The Wedding Diary II
The Wedding Diary

Ah Niu, Elanne Kong and littel Lee Wei-Xuan in The Wedding Diary II.
  Chinese: 結婚那件事之後
Year: 2013  
Director: Adrian Teh  

Lim Teck, Tung Yow Kong, Allyan Too, Chiah Chye Kee

Writer: Lim Teck, Adrian Teh, Rebecca Leow  

Ah Niu, Elanne Kong Yeuk-Lam, Jack Choo, Kara Hui Ying-Hung, Marcus Chin, Cynthia Wang, Lee Wei-Xuan, Maggie Theng, Shaun Chen, Erica Lee, Rosa Chong, Chapman To Man-Chat, Mindee Ong, John Cheng

  The Skinny:

Sequel to likable Singapore-Malaysia comedy jettisons initial goodwill by manufacturing conflict and turning its leads into unlikeable idiots. Despite delivering average sitcom entertainment, the filmmakers probably should have stopped at the first Wedding Diary.

by Kozo:

Hit Singapore-Malaysia comedy The Wedding Diary was enjoyable thanks in large part to its relatable situations and likable characters. Its sequel The Wedding Diary II looks to follow suit with the same cast and more true-to-life situations. Ah Niu and Elanne Kong return as newlyweds Keat and Sze-Xin, who transition from wedded bliss to harried parenthood soon after their nuptials. This story direction is a natural one that should resonate with audiences whoíve gone down the same path, and perhaps even some that havenít. However, director Adrian Teh and his screenwriters manufacture their situations egregiously, packing them with unnecessary melodrama tropes, turning what should be an easy sitcom into a ridiculous soap opera.

Parenthood is but one issue on Keat and Sze-Xinís plate. Sze-Xinís father Colin Chou (Jack Choo) has a stroke after his company suffers a setback, leaving Sze-Xin in charge while Keat becomes a stay-home dad. If confused gender roles werenít enough cause for tension, a past affair of Colinís returns to haunt the family. A young woman (Cynthia Wang) shows up at Colinís hospital bed, claiming to be his daughter from another woman, which naturally upsets Colinís wife (Kara Hui). Also, Sze-Xin is annoyed at Keatís salted fish salesman father (Marcus Lim) because, well, thatís how the whole in-laws thing works. Will the family pull together in their darkest hour? Of course they will! At least, they will until Wedding Diary III rolls around.

The Wedding Diary II gets immediate goodwill based on the first film but fritters it away quickly. Besides the already-described melodrama storylines, the film turns Sze-Xin and Keat into unlikeable characters by portraying them as selfish and irresponsible. The two use their baby as a bargaining chip in their fight, which leads to a plot twist where the child is put at possible risk. Really, itís hard to root for Sze-Xin and Keat because theyíre just the lousiest parents. Also, everything is resolved in boring fashion with grave speeches and trite pearls of wisdom. Some gags and references to the first film are a plus, as is an amusing cameo by Chapman To. Are these things enough to make The Wedding Diary II worthwhile? Nope.

Adrian Tehís storytelling is genial but uninspired, mixing standard sitcom direction with oodles of unnecessary voiceover from Keat. Ah Niu, who was quite likable in the first film, suffers greatly this time due to the changes to his character. The original Keat was willing to suffer for his wedding and his wife, but this Keat is self-absorbed enough to accept a new job without discussing it with his wife or arranging for proper childcare first, leading to a drunken celebration with another woman and Ė bam Ė even more manufactured conflict. Sigh. Elanne Kong comes off slightly better because at least her issues come from familial responsibility rather than selfish personal fulfillment. Hopefully, Wedding Diary III wonít be about Keat and Sze-Xinís divorce and child custody battle. (Kozo, 1/2015)

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Region 3 PAL
Innoform Media
16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Original Language Track
Dolby Digital 2.0
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles
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