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Chapman To Man-Chat
- actor - producer - writer -
Chapman To in Esprit D'Amour (2001) Chapman To in The Wall (2002) Chapman To in The Cheaters (2001) Chapman To in Paramount Motel (2000)

The ubiquitous Chapman To Man-Chat was born on June 8, 1972. He got his show business start in 1994, working mainly as an extra at ATV, one of Hong Kong's two main television studios. To got his big break in the popular television serial “My Date with a Vampire”, and in 1999 his work in the sequel won him an ATV Best Supporting Actor Award. Feeling he was worth more than what ATV was offering him, To left the studio in 2000. Shortly thereafter, he got a job co-hosting a radio program with Sandra Ng, which is now one of the most popular shows on HK Commercial Radio.

To began his movie career around 1999 and it gradually snowballed from there. Unlike other actors who also appear in truckloads of movies per year, To has been appearing in more high profile projects than low budget ones. Specializing in goofy or wisecracking supporting characters, he has turned in interesting performances in films like Jiang Hu: the Triad Zone (2000), Golden Chicken (2002) and My Lucky Star (2003). To’s film career got its biggest boost when he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Hong Kong Film Award for Infernal Affairs (2002). He also found time to appear in the provocative online series “20/30 Dictionary”, in which he shares some intimate scenes with his male co-stars.

To has even entered the publishing field. A two-part biography titled “The Goodson”, which details To’s turbulent youth and early years as a struggling actor, was published in August of 2003. Addicted to gambling and cocaine at one point, To uses his autobiography to relate his frightening trip to rock bottom and back. He hopes it will serve as a cautionary tale to Hong Kong's youth. (Yinique 2003)

selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
House of the Damned (1999)
Black Blood (2000)
The Teacher without Chalk (2000)
Jiang Hu: the Triad Zone (2000)
Undercover Blues (2000)
Violent Cop (2000)[1]
Paramount Motel (2000)
Love Correction (2000)
Esprit D'Amour (2001)
Forever and Ever (2001)
Never Say Goodbye (2001)
Goodbye Mr. Cool (2001)
The Cheaters (2001)
Prison on Fire - Life Sentence (2001)
Prison on Fire - Plaintive Destiny (2001)
Let's Sing Along (2001)
Return from the Other World (2002)
Dry Wood Fierce Fire (2002)
Partners (2002)
The Irresistible Piggies (2002)
Mighty Baby (2002)
The Wall (2002)
Just One Look (2002)[cameo]
The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002)
Nine Girls and a Ghost (2002)
Infernal Affairs (2002)
Golden Chicken (2002)
My Lucky Star (2003)
Cat and Mouse (2003)
Diva - Ah Hey (2003)
Looking for Mr. Perfect (2003)
Honesty (2003)
Colour of the Truth (2003)
The Twins Effect (2003)
Men Suddenly in Black (2003)
Infernal Affairs II (2003)
The Spy Dad (2003)
Infernal Affairs III (2003)
Golden Chicken 2 (2003)
Enter the Phoenix (2004)
Jiang Hu (2004)
Love is a Many Stupid Thing (2004)
Super Model (2004)[cameo]
Six Strong Guys (2004)
Escape from Hong Kong Island (2004)
The Attractive One (2004)
Colour of the Loyalty (2005)[cameo]
Initial D (2005)
Wait 'Til You're Older (2005)
Moonlight in Tokyo (2005)
Isabella (2006)[also producer]
Confession of Pain (2006)
Simply Actors (2007)
Trivial Matters (2007)[also producer]
True Women for Sale (2008)
Parking (2008)
Home Run (2008)
Lady Cop & Papa Crook (2009)
Rebellion (2009)
Ex (2010)[also producer]
Once a Gangster (2010)[story only]
La Comédie Humaine (2010)
Triple Tap (2010)
The Jade and the Pearl (2010)
Kidnap (2010)
All's Well Ends Well 2011 (2011)
Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (2011)
Eternal Moment (2011)
Men Suddenly in Love (2011)
Hi, Fidelity (2011)
Love in Space (2011)
The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011)
A Big Deal (2011)
Turning Point 2 (2011)
A Simple Life (2011)
All's Well Ends Well 2012 (2012)
Mr. & Mrs. Gambler (2012)
Marrying Mr. Perfect (2012)
Love Lifting (2012)
The Bounty (2012)
Vulgaria (2012)
Diva (2012)
The Wedding Diary II (2013)
Bring Happiness Home (2013)
Hotel Deluxe (2013)
SDU: Sex Duties Unit (2013)
The Midas Touch (2013)
Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013)
Golden Chickensss (2014)
From Vegas to Macau (2014)
Black Comedy (2014)
3D Naked Ambition (2014)
Aberdeen (2014)
Let Go For Love (2014)
Flirting in the Air (2014)
Sara (2014)[producer only]
King of Mahjong (2015)
Let's Eat (2016)[also writer/director]
The Mobfathers (2016)[also producer]
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