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Andy Chin Wing-Keung
- director - producer - writer -
selected filmography
Gift from Heaven (1989)[director]
To Catch a Thief (1991)[director]
Changing Partners (1992)[director]
Gigolo And Whore 2 (1992)[director]
Call Girl '92 (1992)[director]
Sisters In Law (1992)[director]
Love Among The Triad (1993)[director/writer]
Emotional Girl - Doubt Of Distress (1993)[producer]
C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri (1993)[actor]
Female Internment Camp (1993)[director]
Victory (1994)[director/producer]
Crazy Women (1994)[director]
Semi-Gods and Semi-Devils (1994)[director]
How Deep Is Your Love (1994)[director]
Why Wild Girls (1994)[director]
01:00 AM (1995)[producer]
Wind Beneath My Wings (1995)[director]
02:00 AM (1997)[director/writer]
03:00 AM (1997)[director]
The Lord of Hangzhou (1998)[director]
Are You Lonesome Tonight (2000)[producer]
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