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Yee Chung-Man
AKA: Hai Chung-Man
- director - art director - producer -
Yee Chung-Man
selected filmography
Once Upon a Rainbow (1982)[art director][writer]
Esprit D'Amour (1983)[art director]
The Strange Bedfellow (1986)[art director]
A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)[art director]
Golden Swallow (1987)[art director]
The Legend of Wisely (1987)[art director]
Chicken and Duck Talk (1988)[art director]
It's a Mad Mad, Mad World 2 (1988)[art director]
On the Run (1988)[art director]
Picture of a Nymph (1988)[art director]
A Terracotta Warrior (1989)[art director]
Pantyhose Hero (1990)[art director]
Song of the Exile (1990)[art director]
Once Upon a Time in China (1991)[art director]
Saviour of the Soul (1991)[art director]
Zodiac Killers (1991)[art director]
All's Well End's Well, Too (1993)[art director]
C'est La, Vie Mon Cheri (1993)[art director]
City Hunter (1993)[art director]
He's a Woman, She's a Man (1994)[art director]
Treasure Hunt (1994)[art director]
Full Throttle (1995)[art director]
Peace Hotel (1995)[art director]
Xiu Xiu (1995)[art director]
Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1996)[art director]
Viva Erotica (1996)[art director]
Who's the Woman, Who's the Man (1996)[art director]
Anna Magdalena (1998)[director]
Gorgeous (1999)[art director]
And I Hate You So (2000)[director]
Lavender (2000)[art director]
Merry Go Round (2001)[art director]
Just One Look (2002)[art director]
Golden Chicken (2002)[art director]
The Twins Effect (2003)[costume design]
Golden Chicken 2 (2003)[art director][costume design]
Magic Kitchen (2004)[art director]
Elixir of Love (2004)[art director]
Silver Hawk (2004)[art director]
Dumplings: Three...Extremes (2004)[art director]
Three...Extremes (2004)[art director]
b420 (2005)[producer]
Perhaps Love (2005)[art director]
Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)[costume design]
Happy Birthday (2006)[art director]
Protégé (2007)[art director]
The Warlords (2007)[art director]
Kung Fu Dunk (2008)[costume design]
An Empress and the Warriors (2008)[art director]
Connected (2008)[art director]
If You Are The One (2008)[art director]
Claustrophobia (2008)[producer]
The Storm Warriors (2009)[art director]
Confucius (2010)[costume design]
Ocean Heaven (2010)[art director]
Crossing Hennessy (2010)[producer]
Shaolin (2011)[art director]
Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (2011)[art director]
Wu Xia (2011)[art director]
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)[art director]
The Great Magician (2012)[costume design]
The Assassins (2012)[costume design]
The Last Tycoon (2012)[art director]
Finding Mr. Right (2013)[art director]
Tales From the Dark 1 (2013)[art director]
Tales From the Dark 2 (2013)[art director]
Horseplay (2014)[art director]
From Vegas to Macau (2014)[art director]
The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan (2015)
Monster Hunt (2015)[costume design][producer]
She Remembers, He Forgets (2015)[art director]
Keeper of Darkness (2015)[art director]
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