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Patrick Kong
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AKA: Yip Lim-Sum
- director - writer -
selected filmography
Love Amoeba Style (1997)[writer]
First Love - the Litter on the Breeze (1997)[writer]
Portland Street Blues (1998)[writer]
Un Baiser Vole (2000)[writer]
Heroes in Love (2001)[writer]
Leaving in Sorrow (2001)[writer]
Loving Him (2002)[writer]
My Lucky Star (2003)[writer]
Dragon Loaded 2003 (2003)[writer]
Men Suddenly in Black (2003)[writer]
Super Model (2004)[writer]
My Sweetie (2004)[director]
Marriage with a Fool (2006)[director]
Love Is Not All Around (2007)[writer][director]
L For Love, L For Lies (2008)[writer][director]
Forgive and Forget (2008)[writer][director]
Nobody's Perfect (2008)[writer][director]
Love Connected (2009)[writer][director]
72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010)[writer][co-director]
Marriage with a Liar (2010)[writer][director]
Mr. and Mrs. Single (2011)[director]
Love is the Only Answer (2011)[writer][director]
Hong Kong Ghost Stories (2011)[writer][director]
Natural Born Lovers (2012)[writer][director]
A Secret Between Us (2013)[writer][director]
The Best Plan is No Plan (2013)[writer][director]
Delete My Love (2014)[writer][director]
S for Sex, S for Secret (2014)[writer][producer]
Love Detective (2015)[writer][producer][cameo]
Are You Here (2015)[writer][producer]
She Remembers, He Forgets (2015)[actor]
Return of the Cuckoo (2015)[writer][director]
Anniversary (2015)[writer][director][producer]
PG Love (2016)[writer][producer]
L For Love, L For Lies Too (2016)[writer][director][producer]
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