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Wong Tin-Lam
- actor - director - writer - producer -
Wong Tin-Lam in My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (2002) Wong Tin-Lam in Don't Open Your Eyes (2006) Wong Tin-Lam in Honesty (2003) Wong Tin-Lam in Women from Mars (2002)
selected filmography
The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain (1950)[director]
The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain (Part 2) (1950)[director]
The Flying Swordsman's Bloody Battle at Zhou Village (1950)[director]
Three Girl Musketeers (1950)[director]
Flying Swordsman of Emei Wins the Battle in Green Snails Valley (1950)[director]
Magnificcent Hero Jin Luohan (1950)[director]
Strange Hero (1950)[director]
Fang Shiyu and His Father's Revenge (1950)[director]
Nine Heroes of Guangdong (1950)[writer]
Nine Heroes of Guangdong (Part 2) (1950)[writer]
The Lightning Sword (1951)[director]
Flying Swordsman's Adventures on the Island of Wind and Fire (1951)[director]
How the Heroine of Deserted River Shattered the Centipedes Militia (1951)[director]
Li Fengjion's Flying Daggers (1951)[director]
Darts of Fury (1951)[director]
The Chivalrous Pair (1951)[director]
Three Swordsmen from Kunlun (1951)[director]
Duel between Fang Shiyu and Hong Xiguan (1952)[director]
How Queer-faced Tiger Raided the Cave of the Skulls (1952)[director]
The Legend of Madame White Snake (1952)[director]
Bloody Fight by the Golden Sand Beach (1952)[director]
An Extraordinary Hero, Black Swirling Wind (1952)[director]
Heroine in Red (1952)[director]
How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 1) (1953)[writer/director]
How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 2) (1953)[writer/director]
Not all Umbrellas Have Similar Handles (1953)[director]
Blood-Stained Flowers (1954)[director]
Heroine of a Hundred Faces (1955)[director]
Lady Balsam's Conquest (1955)[director]
The Magic Monk and His Double (1955)[director]
Lady Balsam's Conquest Part 2 (1955)[director]
The Romance of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1955)[director]
The Scholar Whose Ambition is to Marry a Princess (1955)[director]
The 3 Best Scholars (1956)[writer/director]
Songs of the Peach Blossom River (1956)[director]
Pan Qiaoyun's Seduction of Shi Xiu (1956)[director]
The Scatterbrain (1956)[director]
Wang Zhaojun's Exile to the Barbarians (1956)[director]
The Story of Zhao Feiyan (1956)[director]
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Terrible Hound at Shamian (1956)[director]
Who Isn't Romantic? (1956)[director]
Strange Hero (The Red Lotus Temple on Fire) (1956)[director]
Angel of the Vineyard (1956)[director]
Madam Du Sinks Her Treasure Chest in Anger (1956)[director]
Season of Budding Roses (1956)[director]
Flying Swordsman's Raid on Criminal Monastery (Part 1) (1957)[director]
Flying Swordsman of the Plum Blossom (1957)[director]
Flying Swordsman's Raid on Criminal Monastery (Part 2) (1957)[director]
The Nightingale of Alishan (1957)[director]
Corpse-Drivers of Xiangxi (1957)[director]
The Coffin Spirit Bears a Son (1957)[director]
The Storm-Tossed Village (1957)[director]
Escorting Lady Jing on a 1,000 mile Journey (1957)[writer/director]
The Flight if the Phoenix (1958)[director]
Underground Sparks (1958)[director]
The Film World's Merry Song (1958)[director]
The Serpent Girl's Worldly Fancies (1958)[director]
Ji Gong Sets the Fire on the Impenetrable Pi-pa Spirit (1958)[director]
Princess of a Hundred Flowers (1959)[director]
Riots in Outer Space (1959)[writer/director]
All in the Family (1959)[director]
Lady on the Roof (1959)[director]
A Challenge of Love (1960)[director]
The Seven Lucky Ones (1960)[director]
Secret Affairs (1960)[director]
The Innocent Girl (1960)[director]
The Iron Fist (1960)[director]
The Lady Musketeer (1960)[director]
The Wild, Wild Rose (1960)[director]
The Amorous Pussy-Cat (1960)[director]
Second Spring (1960)[director]
You Are My Loved One (1960)[director]
Death Traps (1960)[director]
The Greatest Civil War on Earth (1961)[director]
Mankiller against the Tricky Man (1961)[director]
Venture of the Lady Musketeer (1961)[director]
You Were Meant for Me (1961)[director]
Lily of the Valley (1962)[director]
Her Pearly Tears (1962)[director]
The Greatest Wedding on Earth (1962)[director]
Soaring High (1962)[director]
Who is Not Romantic? (Part 2) (1962)[director]
Double Date (1962)[director]
Because of Her (1963)[director]
Father Takes a Bride (1963)[director]
The Magic Lamp (1964)[director]
A Story of Three Loves (Part 1) (1964)[director]
A Story of Three Loves (Part 2) (1964)[director]
The Greatest Love Affair on Earth (1964)[director]
Romance of the Forbidden City (1964)[director]
A Begger's Daughter (1965)[director]
The Lucky Purse (1966)[director]
Mistaken Love (1966)[director]
Little Matchmaker (1967)[director]
Wife of a Romantic Scholar (1967)[director]
The Crimson Rose (1968)[director]
Darling, Stay at Home (1968)[director]
Travels with a Sword (1968)[director]
Red Plum Pavilion (1968)[director/writer]
Desperate Seven (1968)[director]
The Royal Seal (1969)[director]
Mad, Mad Sword (1969)[director]
How Love is Tested (1969)[director]
The Unknown Swordsman (1970)[director]
The Chase (1971)[writer/director]
The Fist that Kills (1972)[director]
My Darling Love (1974)[director]
The Utmost Greatness (1979)[writer/director]
Pembunahan Pursuit (1980)[director]
New Tales of the Flying Fox (1984)
Ghost Fever (1989)[producer]
Ghost Busting (1989)[producer]
All About Ah Long (1989)[actor]
The Big Score (1990)[producer]
My Neighbours are Phantoms (1990)[producer]
The Royal Scoundrel (1990)[actor]
To Miss With Love (1992)[actor]
Last Hero In China (1993)[actor]
The Private Eye Blues (1994)[actor]
The Longest Nite (1998)[actor]
Young and Dangerous 5 (1998)[actor]
A True Mob Story (1998)[actor]
A Hero Never Dies (1998)[actor]
The Mission (1999)[actor]
The Blood Rules (2000)[actor]
Conman in Tokyo (2000)[actor]
Wu Yen (2001)[actor]
Love On a Diet (2001)[actor]
Beauty and the Breast (2002)[actor]
Fat Choi Spirit (2002)[actor]
Women from Mars (2002)[actor]
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (2002)[actor]
Conman 2002 (2002)[actor]
Honesty (2003)[actor]
The New Option: Campaign (2004)[actor]
Sex and the Beauties (2004)[actor]
Love is a Many Stupid Thing (2004)[actor]
Election (2005)[actor]
Kung Fu Mahjong 2 (2005)[actor]
The Shopaholics (2006)[actor]
Election 2 (2006)[actor]
Don't Open Your Eyes (2006)[actor]
The Lady Iron Chef (2007)[actor]
Hong Kong Bronx (2008)[actor]
Fatal Move (2008)[actor]
The Vampire Who Admires Me (2008)[actor]
I Corrupt All Cops (2009)[actor]
Bad Blood (2010)[actor]
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