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Growing Up
Chinese: 人細鬼大

Year: 1996
Director: Chin Man-Kei
Producer: Manfred Wong, Andrew Lau Wai-Keung
Cast: Shu Qi, Jason Chu Wing-Tong, Michael Tse Tin-Wah, Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung, Raymond Tso Wing-Lim, Lee Si-Man, Poon Chi-Man, Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting, Chung Ting-Yat, Mimi Chu Mi-Mi, Jordan Chan Siu-Chun, Tsui Kam-Kong
The Skinny: Cinematic trifle that has some fun moments, but is overall not much to write home about. Plus, the sleaziness of the exercise can become distracting.

by Kozo:

It’s the summer of 1986 and there’s some HK-style growing up to do. Young and Dangerous guys Jason Chu, Michael Tse, and Jerry Lamb are high schoolers out to score. The naive Chu finds himself attracted to the sweet and innocent-looking Shu Qi, but looks can be deceiving. Turns out she has a sugar daddy and worse, she used to belong to triad mini-boss Jordan Chan.

This is a cheap and horny coming of age flick that proves once and for all that Dior Cheng and Jordan Chan ARE stars, ‘cause none of these other guys can really carry a picture. Chu is not an actor of depth, Lamb is merely good for comedy relief, and Tse (thanks to this and his performance in Best of the Best) seems bent on becoming a younger, better-looking version of Shing Fui-On. Still, the emotions are familiar and Shu Qi is quite photogenic.

Too much can be a bad thing, though. Much of this film’s doubtful pleasure comes from the camera’s obvious appreciation of her nubile form, which seems to go beyond respectful admiration into sleazy leering. However, the references to A Better Tomorrow are sure to put a smile on the face of any HK Cinema fan. Sadly, the actors (save for Shu Qi) are too old for their parts - and they look it. (Kozo 1996)

image courtesy of The Hong Kong Movie Database Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen