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Year: 1999
Director: James Yuen Sai-Sang
Producer: Henry Fong Ping
Cast: Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Conroy Chan Chi-Chung, Chan Yiu-Fu, Miki Lee Ting-Yi, Stephanie Lam Mei-Jing, Sit Chi-Ching, Mark Cheng Ho-Nam, Jack Gao (Ko Kin), Nau Sing-Jat, Henry Fong Ping, Doze Niu
The Skinny: Poor execution dooms this action-drama, which would be promising if it weren't so poorly directed and cast.

by Kozo:

Alex Fong stars in this action-drama as a Hong Kong cop who heads to Taiwan on the trail of 30 million missing HK dollars. He needs it in 72 hours, or an arms dealer goes free. However, his path is fraught with many an obstacle, including the thiefís daughter (Miki Lee), the local police captain (Jack Gao), some HK hitmen (led by Mark Cheng), and a forgotten undercover cop (Conroy Chan).

And that isn't the end of it, as each minor character has their own story to tell. Some of the stories are interesting, some not-so-interesting. This isnít the HK version of Short Cuts, however. Itís simply a more languid potboiler, with little nuances meant to add character to the proceedings. James Yuen certainly succeeds there. The plot has some formula going on, but itís also engaging and interesting. There are some good twists and turns as the film reaches its climax.

If Yuen could only direct as well as he writes. Though his script is competent, he loads the film with uninteresting actors, poor cinematography and bad art direction. Alex Fong and Jack Gao show some presence but the rest of the cast is uniformly uninteresting or annoying. 

I really shouldnít gripe over production values, but the lack of care accorded to the casting and production design only make the film seem worse than it actually is. Itís actually not a bad little movie, but it could have used better casting and overall polish.

Yuenís best directorial efforts were The Wedding Days and Your Place or Mine, two films with stellar casts and good producers. One shudders to think that Wong Jing is actually a better producer than Henry Fong, but he is! Wong can at least attract good talent, while Fong is stuck with pop star wannabes and plain lousy actors. This is not a bad movie, but a repeat viewing would only emphasize the poor execution. One can only watch and wish it were all done better. (Kozo 1999)

image courtesy of The Hong Kong Movie Database Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen