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Henry Fong Ping
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- actor - producer - director -
Henry Fong Ping in A Taste of Killing and Romance (1994) Henry Fong Ping in Lost and Found (1996) Henry Fong Ping in A Hero Never Dies (1998)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Red Scarf, the Flying Heroine (1961)[actor]
Adventure in Paradise (1970)[actor]
Three Seventeens (1972)[actor]
Inside the Football Circle (1974)[actor]
A Family in Thousands (1975)[actor]
Romance on the Bus (1978)[actor]
Young and Lovable (1978)[actor]
The Almighty Extra (1979)[actor]
Boyfriend (1979)[actor]
The Reporter (1979)[actor]
White Hair Devil Lady (1980)[actor]
Here Comes Fortune (1981)[actor]
Dragon Fight (1989)[actor][producer]
Forsaken Cop (1990)[director]
Full Moon in New York (1990)[producer]
Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)[actor]
The Sting (1992)[actor]
It's A Mad Mad Mad World Too! (1992)[actor]
Rose (1992)[actor]
Days of Tomorrow (1993)[actor]
Guns Of Dragon (1993)[producer]
A Taste of Killing and Romance (1994)[actor]
Because of Lies (1995)[producer]
Xiu Xiu (1995)[director/producer]
Lost and Found (1996)[actor]
Made in Heaven (1997)[producer]
The Wedding Days (1997)[actor]
Casino (1998)[producer]
Cheap Killers (1998)[actor]
A Hero Never Dies (1998)[actor]
Love in the River (1998)[actor]
Rumble Ages (1998)[producer]
Life in Last Hour (1999)[actor]
Red Rain (1999)[producer]
Double Tap (2000)[actor]
Play with Strangers (2000)[actor]
Nightmares in Precinct 7 (2001)[actor]
Scaremonger (2001)[actor]
You Shoot, I Shoot (2001)[actor]
Devil Touch (2002)[actor][producer]
So Close (2002)[actor]
Infernal Affairs II (2003)[actor]
Lost in Time (2003)[producer]
One Nite in Mongkok (2004)[producer][actor]
Driving Miss Wealthy (2004)[producer][cameo]
Crazy N' The City (2005)[producer][actor]
2 Young (2005)[producer][actor]
Drink-Drank-Drunk (2005)[exec. producer][actor]
My Name is Fame (2006)[producer][actor]
Heavenly Mission (2006)[producer][actor]
Mr. Cinema (2007)[producer]
Brothers (2007)[actor]
All About Women (2008)[actor]
Desires of the Heart (2008)[producer]
Shinjuku Incident (2009)[exec. producer]
Overheard (2009)[producer][actor]
Triple Tap (2010)[producer]
The Road Less Traveled (2010)[producer]
To Love or Not (2011)[producer]
Lee's Adventure (2011)[producer][actor]
Wu Dang (2012)[actor]
The Silent War (2012)[actor]
Z Storm (2014)[actor]
I Am Somebody (2015)[actor]
Sword Master (2016)[actor]
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