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10th Annual LoveHKFilm Awards
Criteria for Award Selection
*these awards are in no way official or even remotely worthy of serious consideration.
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Webmaster's Selections
Best Female Performance
Zhang Ziyi
Most Charismatic Performance
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
A-1 Headline
Funniest Performance
Lau Ching-Wan
Most Underrated Performance
Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin
Leave Me Alone
Worst Overacting
Jackie Chan
New Police Story
Most Annoying Performance
Jim Chim Sui-Man
in anything
Taking Up Space
Kelly Chen
Breaking News
Career Suicide
Michelle Yeoh
Silver Hawk
Funniest Film
Best Romance
Most Guilty Pleasure
Leave Me Alone
Biggest Disappointment
Jiang Hu
What the-?
Colour Blossoms
Best Action
Kung Fu Hustle
Worst Action
Silver Hawk
Best Production Values
House of Flying Daggers
Worst Production Values
A Wedding or a Funeral
Most Overrated Film
Breaking News
Most Underrated Film
The Special Award
The Emperor Entertainment Group
for giving us Twins, Boy'z, Nicholas Tse,
Yumiko Cheng,
Jaycee Fong, Isabella Leung,
Wilson Chen,
Joey Yung, Deep Ng, Edison Chen,
and quite possibly destroying
Hong Kong Cinema as we know it.
Entertainer of the Year
Stephen Chow Sing-Chi
nobody else even comes close

Reader's Choice Awards


Hong Kong Film of the Year
Kung Fu Hustle
Best PanAsian Film
Oldboy (KOREA)
Crappiest Film of the Year
The Twins Effect II
Best Male Performance
Stephen Chow Sing-Chi
Kung Fu Hustle
Biggest Waste of Space
Jaycee Chan
The Twins Effect II
Cuddliest Male Performance
Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung
New Police Story
Cuddliest Female Performance
Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin
New Police Story
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