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13th Annual LoveHKFilm Awards
  In 2007, deviated from its usual "Committee of One" method of selecting its annual awards, and instead went with something resembling an association or other synonym for a group of people. Eight individuals took part in the first-ever LoveHKFilm Awards by jury. We hope it all worked out.

The full list of Awards was announced via PCCW Broadband on March 15th, 2008 in Hong Kong.

A full list of jury members can be found below. Most of them are using their real name.
The Main Awards
  Lust, Caution Best Picture
- Lust, Caution
- Exodus
- Hooked on You
- Mad Detective
- The Sun Also Rises
  Ang Lee

Best Director
- Ang Lee (Lust, Caution)
- Pang Ho-Cheung (Exodus)
- Johnnie To Kei-Fung, Wai Ka-Fai (Mad Detective)
- Ann Hui On-Wah (The Postmodern Life of My Aunt)
- Jiang Wen (The Sun Also Rises)

  Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Best Actor

- Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (Lust, Caution)

- Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing (The Detective)
- Simon Yam Tat-Wah (Exodus)
Eason Chan Yik-Shun (Hooked on You)
- Lau Ching-Wan (Mad Detective)
- Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
(Mr. Cinema)
- Jet Li (The Warlords)
  Tang Wei Best Actress
- Tang Wei (Lust, Caution)
- Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah (Hooked on You)
- Siqin Gaowa (The Postmodern Life of My Aunt)
- Guey Lun-Mei (Secret)

- Zhang Jingchu (Protégé)
  Ronald Cheng Best Supporting Actor
- Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei (Mr. Cinema)
- Tony Leung Ka-Fai (The Drummer)
- Nick Cheung Ka-Fai (Exodus)
- Chin Kar-Lok
(Lust, Caution)
- Chow Yun-Fat (The Postmodern Life of My Aunt)
- Liu Kai-Chi (
- Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
(The Sun Also Rises)
  Teresa Mo Best Supporting Actress

- Teresa Mo Sun-Kwan (Mr. Cinema)

- Karen Mok Man-Wai (Mr. Cinema)
- Gillian Chung Yun-Tung (Trivial Matters)
- Stephy Tang Lai-Yun (Trivial Matters)
-Candace Yu On-On(Whispers and Moans)
  Best Screenplay Best Screenplay (tie)
- Fung Chih-Chiang (Hooked on You)
- Wai Ka-Fai, Au Kin-Yee (Mad Detective)
- GC Goo Bi, Jimmy Wan Chi-Man, Pang Ho-Cheung (Exodus)
Pang Ho-Cheung (Trivial Matters)
- Hui Ling-Wang, James Schamus (Lust, Caution)
  Tang Wei Best New Artist

- Tang Wei (Lust, Caution)

- Kate Tsui Tsz-Shan (Eye in the Sky)
- Linda Chung Ka-Yan (Love is Not All Around)

- Anjo Leung Hiu-Fung (Magic Boy)
- Wen Jun-Hui (The Pye-Dog)
  Best Action Best Action (tie)
- Donnie Yen Ji-Dan (Flash Point)
- Li Chung-Chi (Invisible Target)
- Ching Siu-Tung (The Warlords)
All the Rest
  Wonder Women (2007)

Worst Film
Wonder Women
No other film really came close. Its nearest competitor, Beauty and the 7 Beasts, had the benefit of intending to be throwaway cinematic junk. Wonder Women actually tried to be a good film. Too bad that it didn't succeed.

  Hooked on You

Most Underrated Film
Hooked on You
This award was probably given to Hooked on You because it received absolutely no support at the Hong Kong Film Awards, scoring zero nominations. Conversely, it was's runner-up for Best Picture. Strange how these things work out.

  The Warlords

Most Overrated Film
The Warlords
This film received so much praise that it's definitely not hurting for admirers. Regardless, it surprisingly did not make our panel's Top 10, and actually, only 2 out of 8 people thought to include it in their personal Top 10 list. Fret not; it'll win all the real awards out there.

  Ming Ming

Most Bizarre Film
Ming Ming
Flying black beads, two Zhou Xuns, and Daniel Wu as a triad enforcer looking for his mom. There's also a guy with a talent for "jumping", plus a final message that could induce laughter. Even if you liked Ming Ming, you have to admit
that it's one strange movie. The music was good, though.

  Blood Brothers

Most Disappointing Film
Blood Brothers
Any film with Chang Chen running around shooting people should be a slam dunk, but Blood Brothers was a botched layup that didn't even hit the rim.
In English: Blood Brothers should have been good, but instead it was the lethal combination of bad and boring. By the way, the film was produced by John Woo and was based on his masterpiece, Bullet in the Head. Now that's disappointing.

  Lust, Caution

Best Production Values
Lust, Caution
This award should probably be retired, because if a bunch of investors throw an ungodly sum of money at a film, it's bound to look pretty damn good. Lust, Caution did look good. It also sounded good. It was also a good film. It was everything.

  House of Mahjong

Worst Production Values
House of Mahjong
It always feels unfair to pick on a low-budget cheapie for Worst Production Values, but House of Mahjong took place in a conspicuously empty mall, featured occasionally soft and out-of-focus cinematography, and even managed to show the film crew and their equipment in the background of one shot.
That's not quality.

  Ronald Cheng

Most Underrated Performer
Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei (Mr. Cinema)
How can a guy who's considered our Best Supporting Actor also be the most Underrated Performer? A good question, but regardless, Ronald Cheng is
the winner of this year's Most Underrated Performer Award because, well, some people think he's a bad actor but he really isn't. Hey, he won a Best Supporting Actor award, didn't he?

  Ian Powers

Funniest Performer
Ian Powers (Contract Lover)
Richie Ren and Fan Bing-Bing were the stars of Alfred Cheung's Contract Lover, but Ian Powers stole this movie from them. How? He played a gay martial artist who instigates a love triangle while fighting for the honor of Jet Li's character in Fearless. 'Nuff said.

  Liu Kai Chi

Best Overacting
Liu Kai-Chi (The Detective)
Truthfully, his role in The Detective was no great shakes, but it just demonstrates what an amazing actor Liu Kai-Chi is. Whenever he overacts - which can be often, e.g. SPL or Protégé -
he owns the screen, and does so without making audiences wonder what he's consuming between takes. Liu Kai-Chi, we salute you.

  Worst Overacting

Worst Overacting (tie)
Jim Chim Sui-Man (Simply Actors)
Louis Koo Tin-Lok (Protégé)
With Simply Actors, Jim Chim took overacting to new heights - no mean feat for a man with such an extensive history of overacting. Louis Koo's tan, teeth, and too-toned physique made it impossible to imagine him as a
strung-out junkie in Protégé. His goofy overacting only seals the deal.

  Fiona Sit

Taking Up Space
Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei (Wonder Women)
Maybe it was the role more than the actress, but Fiona Sit won the Taking Up Space Award for the second year running - a first at this questionably relevant website.
She's actually a decent actress, but Sit has been incongruous in her most recent films, as if she somehow is appearing in a completely separate movie. The fact that the movies are bad is not helping her.

  Wonder Women

Career Suicide
Barbara Wong Chun-Chun (Wonder Women)
She directed the consensus Worst Picture of 2007, but that's not the only reason Barbara Wong won this dubious honor. She also gets this award for complaining to the media about how English language film reviewers were "unfair" in their criticism of Wonder Women because they didn't like the film's product placement. We think making a better movie could solve her problem.

  Jo Koo in The Detective Best Cameo In Films With "Detective" In The Title
Jo Koo (Mad Detective and The Detective)
In 2007, nobody made a bigger impression in smaller roles than Jo Koo. Besides The Detective and Mad Detective, she was also a bright spot in Beauty and the 7 Beasts and Single Blog, and still ranks as one of Hong Kong's most underappreciated actresses.
  Charlene Choi in Simply Actors Most Improved Performer
Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin(Simply Actors)

She sings, she dances, she fakes bad Cantonese, plus she wears a fake chest to appear much more endowed. Charlene Choi is apparently willing to do it all, which she did in Simply Actors. Even though she wasn't recognized by the LoveHKFilm Awards officially, we'll single her out here.
  The Turkey! Best Performance by an Inanimate Object
The Turkey (Flash Point)
An entire 10-minute suspense sequence in Flash Point hinged on whether or not an evil delivery guy would be able to detonate a turkey remotely. Amazingly, the Turkey demonstrated a tense, coiled menace, and easily out-acted many of its co-stars, including Kent Cheng and Louis Koo.
  Paul in Anna & Anna Character Most Deserving of His Own Film
Paul (Anna & Anna)

Played by actor Ye Nan, male secretary Paul was a high point of the unfortunate Karena Lam drama Anna & Anna. Fussy and insufferable, Paul was an obvious candidate for downsizing, but he oddly survived long enough to resign, citing his resentment towards serving coffee. One hopes that Paul returns in a film where his new boss, played by Miriam Yeung, verbally abuses him for 30 minutes before having boyfriend Daniel Wu beat him up. It sounds like box office.
  Donnie's punching bag The Team Player Award
Collin Chou (Flash Point)
No actor was a better sport this year than Collin Chou, who essayed the demanding role of Donnie Yen's Punching Bag™ in the Donnie Yen lovefest Flash Point. A powerful martial artist in his own right, Chou spent the last half of Flash Point being so absolutely owned by Yen that it was possible to feel sorry for him. Unfortunately for Collin, Donnie felt no pity.
  Stephy returns to her vomit Subtitle of the Year
"Honey, don't eat the vomit, okay?" (from In Love With the Dead)
Kudos to whoever came up with this immortal subtitle, which occurs after Stephy Tang upchucks and then proceeds to clean up after herself. All eight people at our screening were in stiches.
  Massage Chairs The Award for Promotion of Massage Chairs
Wonder Women and Flash Point (tie)
Both Wonder Women and Flash Point pushed Osim massage chairs with pronouned glee. In Wonder Women's case, the entire film hinged on the founding of Osim chain stores. In Flash Point, Louis Koo - Osim's real-life pitchman - receives a massage chair as a gift. Flash Point also gets points for taking place in 1996, making its featured massage chair an obvious anachronism.
  Fiona Sit The Official LoveHKFilm Apology
Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei (Wonder Women)
Sadly, Fiona Sit appeared in some of the worst films from both 2006 and 2007, resulting in her winning our "Waste of Space" award for the second consecutive year. Despite that, we still support her. Keep trying, Fiona! Frankly, you should have won the Best New Artist Hong Kong Film Award in 2005. Instead it went to that Jay Chou guy.
    The Next 10 Best Films of 2007
Hooked on You
The Sun Also Rises
Mad Detective
The Detective
Mr. Cinema
The Postmodern Life of My Aunt
Trivial Matters
Whispers and Moans
    The Next 10 Worst Films of 2007
Beauty and the 7 Beasts
Anna & Anna
Sweet Revenge
Kung Fu Mahjong 3 - The Final Duel
Blood Brothers
Super Fans
House of Mahjong
Love Is Not All Around
Ming Ming
The Drummer

The LoveHKFilm Awards Jury

Ross Chen (a.k.a. Kozo)

Shelley Cheung
Minion of Kozo
Editing Monkey,

Paul Fox (a.k.a. Canton Kid)
College Lecturer, Media Studies
HKU Space

Kevin Ma (a.k.a. LMFDean9)
Film Student

Yvonne Teh (a.k.a. YTSL)
Blogger, Webs of Significance

Sean Tierney
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communications
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Yang Won-Min

Tim Youngs
Film Festival

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