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Chan Hing-Kai
AKA: Chan Hing-Ka
AKA: Chan Hing-Kar
- writer - producer - director
Chan Hing-Ka
selected filmography
Behind the Yellow Line (1984)[writer]
Love Bittersweet (1984)[writer]
A Better Tomorrow (1986)[writer]
Vampire's Breakfast (1987)[writer]
Pretty Ghost (1991)[writer/producer]
Finale In Blood (1991)[writer]
Inspector Pink Dragon (1991)[planning]
The Cat (1992)[writer]
Never Ending Summer (1992)[writer]
Murder (1993)[producer]
Tom, Dick and Hairy (1993)[writer]
The Final Option (1994)[writer]
1941 Hong Kong on Fire (1994)[writer]
Long and Winding Road (1994)[writer]
Thunderbolt (1995)[writer]
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)[writer]
First Option (1996)[writer]
Task Force (1997)[writer]
Option Zero (1997)[writer]
Beast Cops (1998)[writer]
Hitman (1998)[writer]
When I Look Upon the Stars (1999) [writer/producer]
Okinawa Rendez-vous (2000)[writer]
Jiang Hu: the Triad Zone (2000)[writer/producer]
Born Wild (2001)[writer/producer]
La Brassiere (2001)[director/writer/producer]
Mighty Baby (2002)[director/writer/producer]
My Wife is 18 (2002)[writer/producer]
The Twins Effect (2003)[writer]
My Dream Girl (2003)[writer]
Good Times, Bed Times (2003)[director/producer]
Naked Ambition (2003)[co-director][writer]
Anna in Kungfu-Land (2003)[writer]
Love on the Rocks (2004)[co-director][writer]
Breaking News (2004)[writer]
Heat Team (2004)[writer/producer]
Single Blog (2007)[producer]
Simply Actors (2007)[co-director][producer][writer]
La Lingerie (2008)[co-director][producer][writer]
Poker King (2009)[co-director][producer][writer]
La Comédie Humaine (2010)[co-director][writer]
The Jade and the Pearl (2010)[producer][writer]
All's Well Ends Well 2011 (2011)[co-director][writer]
All's Well Ends Well 2012 (2012)[co-director][writer]
The Midas Touch (2013)[producer][writer]
3D Naked Ambition (2014)[producer][writer]
Robbery (2015)[producer]
The Mermaid (2016)[writer]
Weeds on Fire (2016)[producer]
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