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Billy Chung Siu-Hung
- director - writer -producer -
selected filmography
Legend of the Brothers (1991)[director]
The Assassin (1993)[director]
Lady Supercop (1993)[director]
Love To Kill (1993)[director]
The King of Robbery (1996)[director]
Trust Me U Die (1999)[director]
Last Ghost Standing (1999)[writer][director]
Paramount Motel (2000)[director]
High K (2000)[director]
Killer (2000)[director][writer]
Undercover Blues (2000)[director]
Esprit D'Amour (2001)[director]
The Cheaters (2001)[director]
My School Mate the Barbarian (2001)[director]
Devil Face Angel Heart (2002)[director]
Possessed (2002)[director]
Naked Weapon (2002)[assoc. producer]
Shiver (2003)[director]
Colour of the Loyalty (2005)[director]
Set Up (2005)
Kung Fu Mahjong (2005)[director]
Moments of Love (2005)[director]
The Lady Iron Chef (2007)[director]
Undercover (2007)[director]
Hong Kong Bronx (2008)[director]
To Live and Die in Mongkok (2009)[co-director]
From Vegas to Macau (2014)[co-director]
From Vegas to Macau III (2016)[co-director]
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