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Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
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- director - producer - writer -
Clifton Ko in Naked Ambition (2003) Clifton Ko in Miss Du Shi Niang (2003) A blurry Clifton Ko in Task Force (1997)
selected filmography
Teenage Dreamers (1982)[writer]
Till Death Do We Scare (1982)[writer]
Esprit D'Amour (1983)[writer]
Play Catch (1983)[writer]
Happy Ghost (1984)[writer/director]
Merry Christmas (1984)[writer/director]
Happy Ghost 2 (1985)[writer/director]
Devoted to You (1986)[writer/director]
Legacy of Rage (1986)[writer]
My Family (1986)[writer]
It's a Mad Mad World (1987)[writer/director]
Porky's Meatballs (1987)[writer/director]
Chicken and Duck Talk (1988)[writer/director]
It's a Mad Mad, Mad World 2 (1988)[writer/director]
City Squeeze (1989)[director/producer]
How to Be a Millionaire (1989)[writer/director/producer]
Mr. Coconut (1989)[writer/director/producer]
The Nobles (1989)[actor]
The Wild Ones (1989)[producer]
Happy Ghost 4 (1990)[director/producer]
The Wild Goose Chase (1990)[producer]
The Banquet (1991)[writer/director]
Beyond's Diary (1991)[producer]
Daddy, Father, Papa (1991)[director/producer]
Gambling Ghost (1991)[writer/director/producer]
The Great Pretenders (1991)[producer]
Happy Ghost 5 (1991)[producer]
Once a Thief (1991)[writer]
Stooges in Tokyo (1991)[producer]
All's Well End's Well (1992)[director/producer]
It's a Mad Mad Mad World Too! (1992)[actor][director/producer]
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China (1992)[producer]
Rich Man (1992)[producer]
Stooges In Hong Kong (1992)[producer]
Summer Lovers (1992)[director/producer]
Twin Dragons (1992)[cameo]
All's Well End's Well, Too (1993)[writer/director]
Cohabitation (1993)[producer]
The Bride With White Hair (1993)[producer]
Crazy Love (1993)[producer]
Justice My Foot! (1993)[producer]
Laughter of the Water Margins (1993)[director/producer]
Master Wong vs. Master Wong (1993)[producer]
Vendetta (1993)[producer]
The Bride With White Hair 2 (1993)[producer]
I Have a Date with Spring (1994)[director]
I Will Wait for You (1994)[director]
It's a Wonderful Life (1994)[director]
One of the Lucky Ones (1994)[director]
Over the Rainbow, Under the Skirt (1994)[cameo]
Satin Steel (1994)[producer]
Funny Business (1995)[director/producer]
Paradise Hotel (1995)[director]
The Umbrella Story (1995)[director/producer]
Hu-Du-Men (1996)[producer]
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)[cameo]
Hong Kong Adventure (1997)[director]
The Mad Phoenix (1997)[director/producer]
A Queer Story (1997)[producer]
Task Force (1997)[cameo]
The Lord of Hangzhou (1998)[producer]
Ninth Happiness (1998)[director]
Winner Takes All (2000)[director]
Love Paradox (2000)[director/producer]
Forever and Ever (2001)[producer]
Love au Zen (2001)[producer]
Naked Ambition (2003)[actor]
Miss Du Shi Niang (2003)[producer][actor]
In-Laws, Out-Laws (2004)[director][actor]
Forever Yours (2004)[director]
We Are Family (2006)[producer]
The Way We Are (2008)[actor]
La Lingerie (2008)[actor]
All's Well End's Well 2009 (2009)[actor]
Echoes of the Rainbow (2009)[actor]
Wonder Mama (2015)[director]
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