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Philip Ko Fei
- actor - director - producer - action director -
Philip Ko in Naughty Boys (1986) Philip Ko in The Dragon Family (1988)
selected filmography
Dragon Gate Inn (1967)[actor]
The Anonymous Heroes (1971)[actor]
Duel of Fists (1971)[actor]
5 Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes (1973)[actor]
Four Real Friends (1974)[actor]
The Furious Monk from Shaolin (1974)[actor]
Bruce Takes Dragon Town (1974)[actor]
Return of the Chinese Boxer (1975)[actor]
The Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)[actor]
The Best of Shaolin Kung Fu (1976)[actor]
The Good, the Bad and the Loser (1976)[producer]
Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue (1976)[actor]
The Killer Meteors (1976)[actor]
The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious (1976)[actor]
Struggle with Death (1976)[actor]
Seven Men of Kung Fu (1976)[actor]
Heroine Kan Lien Chu (1976)[actor]
The Secret Rivals Part 2 (1977)[actor]
The Invincible Armour (1977)[actor]
The Damned (1977)[actor]
Along Comes a Tiger (1977)[actor]
Eagle's Claw (1977)[actor]
Snuff Bottle Connection (1977)[actor]
Clutch of Power (1977)[actor]
The Mysterious Heroes (1977)[actor]
Chinese Connection 2 (1977)[actor]
The Criminal (1977)[actor]
The Eighteen Jade Arhats (1978)[actor]
Shaolin Red Master (1978)[cameo]
Green Jade Statuette (1978)[actor]
Master Killers (1978)[actor]
Goose Boxer (1978)[actor]
Dragon of the Swordsman (1978)[actor]
Murder of Murders (1978)[actor]
Manhunt (1978)[actor][action]
The Souls of the Sword (1978)[actor]
The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979)[actor]
The Gold Connection (1979)[actor]
Duel of the Seven Tigers (1979)[actor]
Cantonen Iron Kung Fu (1979)[actor]
The Challenger (1979)[actor]
Shaolin Tough Kid (1979)[actor]
Two Wondrous Tigers (1979)[actor]
Mar's Villa (1979)[actor]
Secret Message (1979)[actor]
Ten Brothers of Shaolin (1979)[actor]
Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, and Wild Fire (1979)[actor]
The Dragon, the Hero (1979)[actor]
Fists, Kicks, and the Evils (1979)[actor]
Revengeful Swordswoman (1979)[actor]
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu (1979)[actor]
The Shaolin Heroes (1980)[producer]
Mask of Vengeance (1980)[producer]
Witty Hand, Witty Sword (1980)[producer]
Snake Deadly Act (1980)[actor]
The Loot (1980)[actor]
Two on the Road (1980)[actor]
Tiger Over the Wall (1980)[actor]
Master and the Kid (1980)[actor]
Dreadnaught (1981)[actor]
The Club (1981)[actor]
Hired Guns (1981)[actor]
Shaolin Monk (1981)[actor]
Red Phoenix (1981)[actor]
Enter Three Dragons (1981)[actor]
The Kung Fu Emperor (1981)[producer]
Night of the Assassins (1981)[producer]
Legend of a Fighter (1982)[actor]
Clan Feuds (1982)[actor]
Dirty Angel (1982)[actor][director]
Outlaw Genes (1982)[actor]
Brothers from Walled City (1982)[actor]
Fury in Shaolin Temple (1982)[actor]
Super Dragon (1982)[actor]
Rivals of the Silver Fox (1982)[actor]
Great Massacre (1982)[actor]
The Eight Masters (1982)[actor]
The Alliance of Hung Sect (1982)[actor]
Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1983)[actor]
Shaolin Intruders (1983)[actor]
The Boxer's Omen (1983)[actor]
The Pier (1983)[actor][director]
Seeding of a Ghost (1983)[actor]
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (1983)[actor]
Opium and the Kung Fu Master (1984)[actor]
Return of Bastard Swordsman (1984)[actor]
Profile in Anger (1984)[actor]
I Love Lolanto (1984)[actor]
Secret Service of the Imperial Court (1984)[actor]
I will Finally Knock You Down, Dad (1984)[actor]
Yellow Skin (1985)[actor][action]
The Master Strikes Back (1985)[actor]
The Flying Mr. B (1985)[actor]
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)[actor]
Ghost Festival (1985)[actor]
Heart of Dragon (1985)[actor]
Exciting Dragon (1985)[actor]
108 Killers (1985)[actor]
The Millionaire's Express (1986)[actor]
Magic Crystal (1986)[actor]
The Man from Holland (1986)[actor]
Naughty Boys (1986)[actor]
Scared Stiff (1987)[actor]
Eastern Condors (1987)[actor]
Fortune Hunters (1987)[actor][action]
Curse (1987)[cameo]
The Romancing Star (1987)[action]
Dragons Forever (1988)[actor]
Tiger on the Beat (1988)[actor]
Paper Marriage (1988)[cameo]
The Dragon Family (1988)[actor]
Ruthless Family (1988)[actor]
Mistaken Identity (1988)[actor]
On the Run (1988)[actor]
18 Times (1988)[actor]
Escape from Kingdom (1988)[actor]
Final Run (1989)[actor][director]
Bloody Brotherhood (1989)[actor]
Fight to Survive (1989)[actor]
Angel Enforcers (1989)[actor]
Carry On Yakuza (1989)[actor][action]
Just Heroes (1989)[actor]
Angel Mission (1990)[actor]
Tiger on the Beat 2 (1990)[cameo]
Fatal Termination (1990)[actor][producer]
The Sniping (1990)[actor]
The Cyprus Tigers (1990)[actor][director/producer]
Killer's Romance (1990)[actor][director/producer]
Big Brother (1990)[actor]
Techno Warriors (1990)[actor]
An Eternal Combat (1991)[actor]
Fury in Red (1991)[producer]
Phantom War (1991)[actor][producer]
Son of Dragon (1992)[actor]
I Revenge For My Son (1992)[actor]
Killer Flower (1992)[actor]
Guns And Roses (1993)[director/producer]
Secret Admirer (1993)[actor]
Lethal Panther 2 (1993)[actor]
The Vengeance (1995)[actor]
The Adventurers (1995)[actor]
Yes Madam 5 (1996)[actor][action]
The Three Lustketeers (1998)[actor]
A Sympathetic Killer (1999)[actor]
Burning with Desire (1999)[actor][director]
Hitman's Call (1999)[actor][director]
Royal Sperm (1999)[actor][director]
Internet Mirage (1999)[actor][director]
Millennium Dragon (1999)[director]
My Wife's Bodyguard (1999)[action]
The Soft Rod (1999)[action]
Unbeatables (2000)[actor]
Shadow Mask (2001)[actor][producer]
Blood on Bullet (2003)
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