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Lee Lik-Chee
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- director - producer - writer - actor -
Lee Lik-Chee in Love on Delivery (1994) Lee Lik-Chee in The Golden Girls (1995) Lee Lik-Chee in Love on Delivery (1994)
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selected filmography
Legend of the Dragon (1991)[director]
The Magnificent Scoundrels (1991)[director]
Once Upon a Time a Hero in China (1992)[director][writer]
Flirting Scholar (1993)[director][writer]
Love on Delivery (1994)[director][actor]
Modern Romance (1994)[director]
From Beijing with Love (1994)[director][writer][cameo]
Romantic Dream (1995)[director][writer]
Tricky Business (1995)[writer][director]
Out of the Dark (1995)[actor]
High Risk (1995)[actor]
Ten Brothers (1995)[director]
Sexy and Dangerous (1996)[cameo]
God of Cookery (1996)[director]
Cause We Are So Young (1997)[cameo]
Killing Me Tenderly (1997)[director]
Teaching Sucks!! (1997)[actor]
Troublesome Night (1997)[actor]
The Lucky Guy (1998)[director]
Gorgeous (1999)[cameo]
The King of Comedy (1999)[director]
The Lord of Amusement (1999)[actor]
Century Hero (1999)[actor]
Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone (2000)[actor]
Gen-Y Cops (2000)[cameo]
Shaolin Soccer (2001)[exec. director]
Fighting to Survive (2002)[actor]
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters (2002)[actor]
Good Times, Bed Times (2003)[actor]
Anna in Kungfu-Land (2003)[actor]
Magic Kitchen (2004)[actor]
Enter the Phoenix (2004)[cameo]
The China's Next Top Princess (2005)[exec. producer][writer]
The Lady Iron Chef (2007)[actor]
My Wife is a Gambling Maestro (2008)[actor]
Here Comes Fortune (2010)[actor]
La Comédie Humaine (2010)[actor]
The Legend is Born - Ip Man (2010)[actor]
Flirting Scholar 2 (2010)[director]
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