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Joe Ma Wai-Ho
- director - writer - producer -
Joe Ma in Rave Fever (1999)
selected filmography
Porky's Meatballs (1987)[writer]
Bless this House (1988)[writer]
Eighth Happiness (1988)[writer]
It's a Mad, Mad World II (1988)[writer]
The Nobles (1989)[writer]
Happy Ghost 4 (1990)[writer]
Daddy, Father, Papa (1991)[writer]
The Days of Being Dumb (1992) [writer]
Rich Man (1992)[director][writer]
Summer Lovers (1992)[writer]
All's Well, Ends Well, Too (1993)[writer]
Chez 'n Ham (1993)[producer][writer]
Hero From Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993)[writer]
Over the Rainbow Under the Skirt (1994)[writer][director]
The Golden Girls (1995) [director][writer]
Feel 100% (1996)[director][writer]
Black Mask (1996)[writer]
Big Bullet (1996)[writer]
Lost and Found (1996)[actor]
Love and Sex Among the Ruins (1996)[producer][writer]
Till Death Do Us Laugh (1996)[co-director][writer]
Feel 100%...Once More (1996) [director][writer]
Love Amoeba Style (1997)[producer]
First Love Unlimited (1997)[writer][director]
L-O-V-E...Love (1997)[producer]
Killing Me Tenderly (1997)[producer]
Lawyer Lawyer (1997)[director][writer]
He Comes From Planet K (1997)[director][writer]
Till Death do us Part (1998)[cameo]
Nude Fear (1998)[writer][producer]
Bio-Zombie (1998)[producer]
PR Girls (1998)[producer]
Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King (1999)[writer][director]
Bullets Over Summer (1999) [producer]
The Victim (1999)[writer][producer][actor]
Rave Fever (1999)[actor]
Love Paradox (2000)[producer]
A War Named Desire (2000)[writer][producer]
Feel 100% II (2001)[director][writer]
Glass Tears (2001)[producer]
Horror Hotline...Big Head Monster (2001)[producer]
Fighting for Love (2001)[director][producer]
United We Stand and Swim (2001)[producer]
Funeral March (2001)[director][writer]
Dummy Mommy Without a Baby (2001)[director][producer][writer]
Stolen Love (2001)[actor]
Love Undercover (2002)[director][writer][cameo]
Women from Mars (2002)[actor]
Summer Breeze of Love (2002)[director][cameo][writer]
The Lion Roars (2002)[director/writer/producer]
New Blood (2002)[producer]
The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002)[producer]
Diva - Ah Hey (2003)[director]
Love Undercover 2: Love Mission (2003)[director]
Sound of Colors (2003)[director]
Itchy Heart (2004)[producer]
The Foliage (2004)[producer]
Three of a Kind (2004)[writer/director/producer]
Hidden Heroes (2004)[writer/director]
The White Dragon (2004)[producer]
The Attractive One (2004)[producer]
Embrace Your Shadow (2005)[director]
Love Undercover 3 (2006)[director]
Sasori (2008)[writer/director]
Give Love (2009)[co-director]
The Lion Roars 2 (2012)[director]
Sweet Summer Love (2013)[producer]
Days of Our Own (2016)[director]
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