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John Woo
Cantonese:  Ng Yu-Sum
- director - producer - writer -
- renowned directing god -
John Woo in A Better Tomorrow (1986) John Woo directing Windtalkers (2002) John Woo's cameo in Task Force (1997)
selected filmography
The Dragon Tamers (1975)[writer/director]
The Young Dragons (1975)[writer/director]
Hand of Death (1976)[actor][writer/director]
The Private Eyes (1976)[producer]
Princess Chang Ping (1976)[director]
The Pilferer's Progress (1977)[writer/director]
Hello, Late Homecomers (1978)[writer/director]
Follow the Star (1978)[writer/director]
Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979)[writer/director]
From Riches to Rags (1980)[director]
Laughing Times (1981)[director]
Plain Jane to the Rescue (1982)[actor][writer/director]
To Hell with the Devil (1982)[writer/director]
The Time You Need a Friend (1985)[director]
Heroes Shed No Tears (1986)[writer/director]
A Better Tomorrow (1986)[actor][writer/director]
A Better Tomorrow II (1987)[writer/director]
Just Heroes (1989)[director]
Starry is the Night (1988)[actor]
I Love Maria (1988)[cameo]
The Killer (1989)[writer/director]
Bullet in the Head (1990)[actor][writer/producer/director]
Rebel from China (1990)[actor]
Once a Thief (1991)[actor][writer/director]
Hard Boiled (1992)[director]
Twin Dragons (1992) [actor]
Hard Target (1993)[director]
Peace Hotel (1995)[producer]
Don't Cry Nanking (1995)[producer]
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)[producer]
Broken Arrow (1996)[director]
Face/Off (1997)[director]
Task Force (1997)[actor]
The Replacement Killers (1998)[producer]
The Big Hit (1998)[producer]
Mission: Impossible 2 (USA 2000)[director]
Windtalkers (2002)[director/producer]
Bulletproof Monk (2003)[producer]
Paycheck (2003)[director/producer]
Blood Brothers (2007)[producer]
Red Cliff (2008)[director/producer][writer]
Red Cliff II (2009)[director/producer][writer]
My Fair Gentleman (2009)[producer]
Reign of Assassins (2010)[producer][co-director]
Beginning of the Great Revival (2011)[actor]
Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (2011)[producer]
The Crossing I (2014)[director][writer]
The Crossing II (2015)[director][writer]
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