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Last Site Update: January 25, 2015

Site Review Count: 2251

with Francis Ng, Sammi Cheng,
Louis Koo, Charmaine Sheh,
Julian Cheung and Amber Kuo
opens Lunar New Year 2015

Hello 2015
Another year has passed and we're just getting older.

Our first update of 2015 brings 7 reviews of movies that are rather old by now. Most of them are now available or are coming to DVD/Blu-ray, so you won't even have to wait that long until you can see them for yourself and then agree or disagree with whatever you read here.

We'll likely update one more time before the big Lunar New Year films hit in late February. Between 4-6 films will be released, depending on who you ask, and at least half of them feature Louis Koo somewhere. The guy does not sleep.

Latest Stuff
- Review: The Crossing 1 NEW
- Review: Insanity NEW
- Review: The Golden Era NEW
- Review: Rise of the Legend NEW
- Review: Kung Fu Angels NEW
- Review: I Sell Love NEW
- Review: My Voice, My Life NEW
- Awards: 21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards NEW
- Review: Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
- Review: Gangster Payday
- Review: Kung Fu Jungle

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated January 12, 2015


21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards announced
The results of the yearly Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards were just announced and you can find the full list here.

Shockingly, LoveHKFilm.com film reviewer Kozo was accepted as a member of the Hong Kong Critics Society in late 2014. He helped to determine this year's winners, which means if you don't like the results, you can partially blame him! It could be a win-win for some of you.

  Previous Updates

NEW for January 25, 2015
- Added reviews of The Crossing 1 (2014), Insanity (2014), The Golden Era (2014), Rise of the Legend (2014), Kung Fu Angels (2014), I Sell Love (2014) and My Voice, My Life (2014).

NEW for January 12, 2015
- Added the Winners of the 21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

NEW for December 3, 2014
- Added reviews of
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014), Gangster Payday (2014), Kung Fu Jungle (2014), Breakup Buddies (2014), Sifu VS Vampire (2014), Dot 2 Dot (2014), The Continent (2014), McDull: Me & My Mum (2014), Flirting in the Air (2014), Urban Games (2014) and Café. Waiting Love (Taiwan, 2014).

NEW for November 22, 2014
- Added the Winners of the 51st Golden Horse Film Awards.

NEW for October 23, 2014
- Added the results of the 19th LoveHKFilm Awards.
- Added reviews of Temporary Family (2014), But Always (2014), The Four 3 (2014), Golden Brother (2014), Twilight Online (2014), The Truth About Beauty (2014), The Second Coming (2014) and Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013).

Featured Review

Takeshi and Masami

The Crossing 1
Hey, John Woo made a movie again! The heroic bloodshed auteur turned Hollywood hired man turned Chinese filmmaking god finally returns to the big screen with the romantic war drama The Crossing 1, the title of which naturally tells you there’s going to be a Crossing 2. This is the first of two films set during the Chinese Civil War that culminate in the sinking of the Taiping, a steam-powered boat that ferried passengers across the Taiwan Strait from Shanghai to Keelung. The 1949 Taiping sinking resulted in over 1500 deaths – so basically, John Woo is making the Chinese Titanic, except with older stars and a whole lot more of them. At its core, The CrossIng 1 is an old-fashioned Hollywood film about beautiful people passionately longing for other beautiful people, and producing a duology on this subject seems a bit extreme. Then again, John Woo makes so few films that a little more from him is good. At this point in Hong Kong Cinema history, we should count our blessings. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Who's crazy? You're crazy!
From David Lee, director of the underrated but not classic horror film Yes, I Can See Dead People... (more)
Read her books first
The Golden Era
Lengthy and frustratingly dry, Ann Hui’s The Golden Era dives into China’s early-20th century literature scene... (more)
Herman, what have you done?
Kung Fu Angels
Herman Yau is arguably Hong Kong’s most underrated filmmaker, but when he makes movies like Kung Fu Angels... (more)
Those damn kids
My Voice, My Life
Directed by Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Ruby Yang, My Voice, My Life is an inspirational look ... (more)
It's a kung fu jungle out there
Kung Fu Jungle
It’s a Kung Fu Jungle out there. Apparently. Donnie Yen returns to badass form with this Teddy Chen-directed... (more)
Wrong Fei-Hung
Rise of the Legend
It was inevitable that Wong Fei-Hung would return to the big screen – the biggest surprise is that it took this long. (more)
But not movie tickets
I Sell Love
Respecting indie films is pretty easy because they’re made with effort and passion... (more)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
The rare sequel to a Johnnie To romantic comedy, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 both delights and confounds. (more)
Road trip!
The Continent
Celebrity writer, blogger and race car driver (Really!) Han Han brings his popular fictional stylings to the screen... (more)
McDull: Me & My Mum
More McDull is always a good thing. But when this thing is too much like that last thing and also the thing a few things before it? (more)

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