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Last Site Update: November 22, 2014

Site Review Count: 2233

Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai's
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
opens 11/13/2014

Strange times
If you've been following the news, you should know that Hong Kong is seeing some difficult times. Let's send our best wishes to the people of the Special Administrative Region because they surely need it.

This update sees the results of the 2013 LoveHKFilm Awards, which we really should have announced months ago but didn't because of many, mamy reasons. Regardless. they're here along with a list of the recent Golden Horse Award Nominations plus 8 film reviews. Unrest sometimes brings inspiration.

We probably have bandwidth for one more update in 2014, so we'll see you sometime in late November or early December. Stay safe.

Latest Stuff
- Awards: 51st Golden Horse Film Award Winners NEW
- Awards: 19th Hong Kong Film Awards NEW
- Review: Temporary Family NEW
- Review: But Always NEW
- Review: Golden Brother NEW
- Review: The Four 3 NEW
- Review: Twilight Online NEW
- Review; The Truth About Beauty NEW
- Review: The Second Coming NEW
- Review: Mr. and Mrs. Player NEW

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated September 6, 2014


R.I.P. Patrick Lung Kong
Actor, director and Hong Kong Cinema great Patrick Lung Kong passed away on September 2, 2014
at the age of 79. Needless to say, he will be missed. Read about his life and career at Film Business Asia and Kaiju Shakedown.

  Previous Updates

NEW for October 23, 2014
- Added the results of the 19th LoveHKFilm Awards.
- Added the Nominations of the 51st Golden Horse Film Awards.
- Added reviews of Temporary Family (2014), But Always (2014), The Four 3 (2014), Golden Brother (2014), Twilight Online (2014), The Truth About Beauty (2014), The Second Coming (2014) and Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013).

NEW for September 6, 2014
- Added reviews of The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014), Girls (2014), Hungry Ghost Ritual (2014), Z Storm (2014), Break Up 100 (2014), The Great Hypnotist (2014), May We Chat (2013), Enthralled (2014) and Doomsday Party (2013).

NEW for June 15, 2014
- Added reviews of
Overheard 3 (2014), The Midnight After (2014), Aberdeen (2014), Iceman 3D (2014), That Demon Within (2014), Delete My Love (2014), 3D Naked Ambition (2014), Beijing Love Story (2014), The Unbelievable 3: The Skeleton Road (2014) and Mortician (2013).

NEW for April 20, 2014
- Added reviews of Golden Chickensss (2014), Horseplay (2014), Black Comedy (2014), The Wrath of Vajra (2013), Crimes of Passion (2013) and The Wedding Diary II (2013).

Featured Review

Sammi Cheng and Nick Cheung

Temporary Family
On paper, Temporary Family boasts one of the year’s most intriguing pedigrees This urban romantic comedy features current Box Office King Nick Cheung, former Box Office Queen Sammi Cheng, perennial ingénue Angelababy and a script loaded with topical references about Hong Kong’s out-of-control real estate market. The X-Factor is writer-director Vincci Cheuk a.k.a. GC Goo Bi, the DJ, entertainment personality and writer-director who showed initial promise in her segment of 2001 anthology Heroes in Love and also co-wrote Pang Ho-Cheung’s vastly underrated Exodus. Unfortunately, Cheuk was also responsible for one of 2013’s absolute worst films, the ill-conceived female fighting comedy Kick Ass Girls. The bar has been set tremendously low for Temporary Family, and thankfully the film rises well above those expectations. Despite showing continued limitations as a filmmaker, Cheuk delivers a perfectly watchable commercial comedy that’s better than most Hong Kong films released this year. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Bring tissues
But Always
Despite first-rate leads and terrific locations, romantic drama But Always is astoundingly shallow... (more)
Sorry, he doesn't have a sister
Golden Brother
I can’t believe it’s not TVB! Directed by Chung Shu-Kai, Golden Brother wasn’t produced... (more)
Not pretty
The Truth About Beauty
Bai Baihe plays ugly and unlikable for The Truth About Beauty, a confused and sometimes distasteful romcom... (more)
It was better in the Bible
The Second Coming
A few grisly moments make The Second Coming occasionally diverting, but otherwise this is a substandard Hong Kong horror flick. (more)
The Bridesmaid, not The Bride
The White Haired Witch
of Lunar Kingdom
The classic wuxia novel Baifa Monü Zhuan receives another in a long line of screen adaptations... (more)
Really? They made three of these?
The Four 3
It’s finally over – the film series you didn’t ask for or really quite understand. (more)
Not about Bella and Edward
Twilight Online
Twilight Online feels like a return to nineties Hong Kong horror films – that is, the stuff the industry produced... (more)
Playing around
Mr. and Mrs. Player
Ribald romcom Mr. & Mrs. Player serves up Hong Kong Cinema mediocrity like it’s going out of style. (more)
Sorry, I'm on a diet
Hungry Ghost Ritual

Nick Cheung throws his hat into the directing ring with Hungry Ghost Ritual, a distinctly Chinese horror film... (more)

Ekin forever!
Break Up 100
Ekin Cheng widens the age gap with his female co-stars to 17 years in the romantic comedy-drama Break Up 100. (more)

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