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Last Site Update: June 5, 2015

Site Review Count: 2279

opens June 18, 2015

No Donnie but that won't stop the
ad wizards behind SPL 2, which
stars Wu Jing, Tony Jaa, Max Zhang,
Simon Yam and Louis Koo.
Soi Cheang directs and you
already pre-ordered the DVD.

2015 Update #4
Nearly half a year gone and we're already up to our fourth update. Hooray!

In this edition, Sanney Leung reviews China romance Let's Get Married, while Kozo counters with looks at Helios, Little Big Masterand Two Thumbs Up, among other films

Also, we're reprinting an essay on Spooky Encounters (1980) originally written for the 17th Udine Far East Film Festival. Extra content is always nice.

The next site update should arrive within 6 weeks with a review of SPL 2. All of you will likely have seen it by then.

Stay in the shade this summer.

Latest Stuff
- Review: Helios NEW
- Review: Little Big Master NEW
- Review: Two Thumbs Up NEW
- Review: Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal NEW
- Review: Let's Get Married NEW
- Review: Gone with the Bullets NEW
- Review: Wolf Warriors NEW
- Review: Grey Met Shrek NEW
- Essay: Spooky Encounters NEW

- Awards: 34th Hong Kong Film Award Winners

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated April 19, 2015


Hong Kong Film Awards announced
As expected, a movie won at the Hong Kong Film Awards and it was not Aberdeen. To find out what it was, please click through to visit the full list of winners for the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards. Unfortunately, Alex Fong's hair was snubbed for Best Supporting Actor.

  Previous Updates

NEW for June 5, 2015
- Added reviews of Helios (2015), Little Big Master (2015), Two Thumbs Up (2015), Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (2015), Let's Get Married (2015), Gone with the Bullets (2014), Wolf Warriors (2015) and Grey Met Shrek (2014).
- Added an essay on Spooky Encounters (1980).

NEW for April 19, 2015
- Added the Winners for the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.
- Added reviews of The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014), Full Strike (2015), Dragon Blade (2015), 12 Golden Ducks (2015), From Vegas to Macau II (2015), One Night in Taipei (2015), Sand Pebbles (2014), The Deathday Party (2014), My Old Classmate (2014) and Zombie Fight Club (2014).

NEW for February 19, 2015
- Added reviews of Triumph in the Skies (2015), An Inspector Calls (2015), Sara (2014), Dearest (2014), Women Who Flirt (2014), The Gigolo (2015), S for Sex, S for Secret (2014), 20 Once Again (2015) and Meeting Dr. Sun (Taiwan, 2014).

NEW for January 25, 2015
- Added reviews of The Crossing 1 (2014), Insanity (2014), The Golden Era (2014), Rise of the Legend (2014), Kung Fu Angels (2014), I Sell Love (2014) and My Voice, My Life (2014).

NEW for January 12, 2015
- Added the Winners of the 21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

Featured Review

Nick and Jacky

From Sunny Luk and Longman Leung, the filmmaking duo responsible for the award-winning and overrated Cold War, comes Helios, another big-budget action thriller about urban terrorism and guys in suits arguing with each another. The story concerns the theft of DC8, a South Korea-developed nuclear weapon that’s small enough to fit in your carry-on bag – a serious problem for totally obvious reasons. Now in Hong Kong and in the possession of a Korean arms dealer (Chang Chen) and his deadly assistant (Janice Man), DC8 will be sold to the highest bidder within the next week. That is, unless a coalition of international agents can work together and retrieve it. The Hong Kong players are CTRU (Counter Terrorism Response Unit) leader Eric Lee Yan-Ming (Nick Cheung) and his subordinate Fan Ka-Ming (Shawn Yue). Arriving from Korea are Colonel Choi Min-Ho (Ji Jin-Hee), who has particular expertise with DC8, and his subordinate Park Woo-Cheol (Choi Si-Won). After meeting their Hong Kong-stationed colleague Sin Mi-Kyung (Yoon Ji-Ni), the Koreans join forces with the Hong Kongers to comprise a fabulous fivesome of terrorist-tracking, nuke-defusing do-gooders. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Bring your tissues
Little Big Master
If you refuse to buy into the life-affirming message of Little Big Master then you’re an absolute monster. (more)
Wishful thinking
Two Thumbs Up
Longtime screenwriter Lau Ho-Leung (Undercover Hidden Dragon, Triple Tap) makes his directorial debut with Two Thumbs Up... (more)
My beard is magnificent
Zhong Kui: Snow Girl
and the Dark Crystal
Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal represents another big-budget attempt... (more)
Wu Jing's world
Wolf Warriors
Wolf Warriors opens with an exploding title sequence punctuated by a military knife... (more)
Yay for the PLA!
The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Tsui Hark’s recent streak of excellence has been tied to a single genre... (more)
It kind of makes sense
Gone with the Bullets
What did you just do, Jiang Wen? The Devils on the Doorstep actor-auteur returns with Gone with the Bullets... (more)
I require a prenup
Let's Get Married
Hong Kongers and mainlanders have their differences but maybe they have more in common than they think. (more)
The animated one was better
Grey Met Shrek
No, Grey Met Shrek is not about a meeting between Liam Neeson and an animated ogre voiced by Mike Myers. (more)
This movie is 35 years old
Spooky Encounters
The horror-comedy-martial arts film is a popular Hong Kong Cinema genre, and few films represent it better... (more)
Shuttlecock incoming!
Full Strike
After collaborating on the omnibus Hardcore Comedy, as well as a stop-motion short featuring Batman... (more)

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