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The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge:
Gray Carper in Hong Kong Part 3
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Ocean Terminal from Needing You...
Another shot from Needing You...
Outside the Museum of Art from Enter the Phoenix
The Star Ferry-Central Walkway from Jiang Hu...and about 10,000 other movies

Ocean Terminal from Needing You...  

In the penultimate sequence, Andy Lau runs to Tsim Sha Tsui's Ocean Terminal in search of Kinki (Sammi Cheng) ... is a long-shot of the terminal, which is a restricted area when not boarding.

<< This picture was likely taken from just by the Star Ferry Terminal in Tsimshatsui. On another note, there's a Toys 'R" Us store in the Ocean Terminal mall that simply destroys any Toys "R" Us store you'll find in the US. Sadly, Kozo does stop by there at least once whenever he goes to Hong Kong.



Another shot from
Needing You...
This one is just for Kozo: a more recent photo of Fat Angelo's beside the Central Midlevels Escalator, which is also used in the movie.

The recent photo Gray took of Fat Angelo's >>



Kozo has already taken a snapshot of it himself, so I'm not including a film freeze-frame.

<< Lazy bastard. This is a cap of the location from Needing You. The person to the right of the yellow lamp is Sammi Cheng.



Outside the
Museum of Art from
Enter the Phoenix

Daniel Wu exits a balcony attached to the Museum of Art in Tsimshatsui...

From Enter the Phoenix >>


...but my framing is far better: no Daniel Wu.

<< Nice picture. By the way, there are about two hundred screaming girls who disagree with the above assessment, and they all own shotguns.



The Star Ferry
Central Walkway from
Jiang Hu...and about
10,000 other movies

Near the close of the film, one of the lead characters strolls through this, the Star Ferry - Central Walkway. I actually don't have a picture of this, but...

From Jiang Hu>>


....Kozo does! When showing this on his site, he speaks about Feel 100% (which may or may not use this location)...but I thought I'd give him solid proof of another film (while nipping his photo ;>).

<< This picture was taken back in 2002 when was barely a couple of months old. Sometimes I wish I could return to that time, when I had yet to receive hate mail relating to my treatment of Ekin Cheng. Sigh, those were the days.


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