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The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge:
Gray Carper in Hong Kong Part 1
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In the summer of 2004, friend extraordinaire Gray Carper went to Hong Kong and took up the Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge. His effort was so thorough that not only has he been crowned the Winner of the Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge™, but we've decided to use his exact commentary almost verbatim, with minor picture captions from the editorial staff. We might also butt in on occasion, which you will find in the form of a dinky font like this: Hey there! Try not to notice.  

That restaurant from Moonlight Express
From the opening of A Better Tomorrow
From somewhere in the middle of A Better Tomorrow


That restaurant from
Moonlight Express

This scene takes place in the Riental Restaurant, a place which used to exist on the bayside stretch of Stanley Market. Sadly, it is now abandoned and cannot be entered....

From the film >>


Note the metal-worked window style and you'll be confident in the location.

Window >>

<< Gray Carper


However! Katherine and I have attempted to recreate the atmosphere by using a restaurant with a similar view: El Cid Caramar in Stanley's Murray House...

<< Gray and Katherine (who we will assume is a friend and not some frightened stranger) and the same coastline from Moonlight Express. However, Gray is sitting on the left, when he should be sitting on the right. Also, Leslie Cheung is better looking, but don't tell Gray we said that.



From the opening of
A Better Tomorrow

Chow Yun Fat's opening scene takes place right in front of the Hong Kong Legislative Council Building...

"Might as well smoke 'em if I got 'em..." >>



...which is where I am here!

<< A few moments after this picture was taken, Gray was arrested for having too colorful a shirt. Didn't the Cultural Revolution teach him anything?



From somewhere in the middle of
A Better Tomorrow

Later in the picture, members of the cast can be seen waltzing out of the Sunning Plaza building in Causeway Bay...

Jack Nicholson exits the Staples Center >>



....which you can easily recognize here.

<< Shouldn't people who work in a mirrored building have figured out that sunglasses are absolutely essential? If this scene in A Better Tomorrow has a lesson then this is it.


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