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The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge:
Gray Carper in Hong Kong Part 5
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Extra: Crap beside the Cyberport Mall
That video store from Fulltime Killer

Bridge over Hennessy Road from Love on the Rocks
Random stuff from Love on the Rocks


Crap beside the Cyberport Mall

Just to the right of the Cyberport Mall is the Cyberport Theater, which is where Katherine and I actually saw Breaking News! (Nice, eh? It only costs five USD!) Also, Katherine's brother works as Cyberport's primary electrical systems maintenance technician, so he gave us a peek at something they are hiding in the basement...

That's a nice looking theater, Gray. Love the hat, too. >> characters welded entirely from car parts!

<< Hmm, I see Darth Vader, Robocop, a Predator, and a Zaku from Mobile Suit Gundam. Is that tall one at the middle right Jar Jar Binks? Ugh.


They'll be displayed throughout the mall when construction is completed. (But watch out, that Predator mugged me for twenty bucks!)

<< Bah. That's like 3 US dollars. Hell, even I have that much money.



That video store
from Fulltime Killer

Like the last picture in the Needing You set, Kozo already has this one. So, I'm just providing it as a way to show him the updated version. This video rental store was used as the place of work for a main character in the film.

Here's your picture from Fulltime Killer.
That's Kelly Lin in the screencap above.

Check out the posters. "Hollywood" is right. >>




Bridge over Hennessy Road
from Love on the Rocks

Just before the Love on the Rocks title sequence, Gigi and Louis have a little break-up spat on this circular bridge overlooking Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay.

Gigi Leung and McDonald's from Love on the Rocks >>



A reverse angle from Love on the Rocks.
Note the ventilation in the back. It's important. Really.

Here you'll see Katherine and I respectively representing (albeit oddly) the shots of Gigi and Louis. They are each off by one archway, but you'll notice the McDonald's in Katherine's image...

Katherine again, apparently staring at the McDonald's sign. >> ventilation ductwork in mine.

<< Gray one-ups Katherine by actually videotaping his view of McDonald's, thereby immortalizing the experience for all of eternity. Those who doubt the veracity of Gray's photos...CHECK OUT THE VENTILATION DUCTWORK!



Random stuff
from Love on the Rocks

Sadly, I don't have personally-snapped images for these two locations, but I did visit them, so I thought I'd just point them out. First, you see a prominent walkway at Baptist University in Kowloon Tong.

Gray's photo of the Baptist University walkway...>>




Next is the glowing staircase leading to the entrance of Causeway Bay's Pearl Shopping Center (it contains a great Indonesian restaurant and is not too far from the more-famous Sogo Shopping Center).

<< ...and Gray's photo of the Pearl Shopping Center. I was here once. There's a cinema up those steps that I considered going to. Byt they were showing The Wesley's Mysterious File. Cue dry heaves.


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