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The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge:
Gray Carper in Hong Kong Part 6 - Padding it Out
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Extra: Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars!
Finally, in the "quite unsettling" category...


Extra: Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars!
Yes, it is true! Hong Kong has just opened this new (and free!) waterfront attraction in Tsimshatsui. It is also true that this is to Hollywood Boulevard (but is far shorter and cleaner). Let's take a short peek inside...

Kozo warned me that Hong Kong film would be the death of me, but I didn't realize I'd go like this:

Heh. Noob.


<< Sam Hui is more known for his groundbreaking musical work than his slapstick film roles, but I'm glad he is represented here since he's my favorite Hong Kong musician! Note that we have the same hand-size. Cool.

"Why-oh-why, God, did Stephen Chow have to lose his beautiful hands!?" >>


Wong Kar Wai is the most acclaimed of Hong Kong's director's (though John Woo is better known)...


...but I am larger than the both of them! Sadly, though, it appears that I've lost my hands too. Now my challenge to Kozo: Discover the meaning of the Chinese name I have etched here.

It means "big director". Hah! I'm not totally Chinese-illiterate!



Finally, in the "quite unsettling" category...
"Look, Mom, now we can buy one Aaron Kwok and get another free!"

With that fine photo of Gray Carper and pal Aaron Kwok, we conclude this Gray Carper in Hong Kong special we've been running for the past four weeks. If the staff has learned anything during this time, it's this: never run this feature again.

Just kidding. Next time we hope Gray finally gets those candid shots of Charlene Choi that he so desired this time out. Frankly, he could have gotten them if he'd just resigned himself to some jail time. *Sigh* Kids.




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