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The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge:
Gray Carper in Hong Kong Part 4 - The
Breaking News Edition
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The Man Wah building from Breaking News
Covered walkway from Breaking News
The Cyberport Mall from Breaking News


The Man Wah building
from Breaking News

The primary location for most of the picture...

From Breaking News >> the Man Wah Building on Man Wui Street in Jordan, as shown here. Interestingly, this exact street was also used as the setting for the final scene in Lost in Time.

<< Gray's photo. The green-white paint job on the building can be seen in the screen cap above and the picture to the left. Also, check out the building on the left of the Man Wah Building. The orange-white paint job on it can also be seen in the screen cap below.


The above screen cap is duplicated in the photo to the left,
and the red-lettered sign above the car can also be seen in
both the photo and the screen cap.

<< See? Red lettered sign. I buy it.


The above screen cap shows Eddie Cheung Siu-Fai
in front of the entrance to the Man Wah building...

<< ...and the same entrance can be clearly seen in Gray's photo to the left. Our efforts to make him a liar would seem to be failing us.



Covered walkway
from Breaking News

Some shots of reporters receiving food...

Screen cap from Breaking News >>



...were taken on top of this covered walkway right across the street.

<< How Gray thought to take a picture of a covered walkway is beyond me. I wouldn't call the "reporters receiving food" scene one of the more memorable moments in Breaking News. Then again, I didn't like Future Cops, so what do I know?


Behind that walkway is the only multi-tier driving range in Hong Kong. It wasn't used in Breaking News, but it has been used in other Hong Kong films...none of which I can remember off the top of my head. A little help here, Kozo?

<< No clue. Golf is a sport for people who have money. And I am not one of them.


The Cyberport Mall from Breaking News  

The film's final scene...

Richie Ren in a screen cap from Breaking News.



...was shot here at the Cyberport mall.

Richie Ren and Kelly Chen.



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