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Matthew Chow Hoi-Kwong
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- writer - actor - director -
Matt Chow in Beauty and the Breast (2002) Matt Chow in The Irresistible Piggies (2002) Matt Chow in Bullets Over Summer (1999) Matt Chow in Ghost Office (2003)
selected filmography
Hero - Beyond The Boundary Of Time (1993)[writer]
The Day that Doesn't Exist (1995)[writer]
Lying Hero (1995)[writer]
July 13th (1996)[writer]
Shanghai Grand (1996)[writer]
Feel 100% (1996)[writer][actor]
Feel 100%...once more (1996)[actor]
Till Death Do Us Laugh (1996)[writer]
Love Amoeba Style (1997)[writer]
Too Many Ways to be No. 1 (1997)[actor][writer]
First Love Unlimited (1997)[writer]
L-O-V-E...Love (1997)[director/writer]
He Comes from Planet K (1997)[actor][writer]
F***/Off (1998)[actor]
Portland Street Blues (1998)[actor]
Nude Fear (1998)[actor]
Bio Zombie (1998)[actor][writer]
Love Generation Hong Kong (1998)[actor]
PR Girls (1998)[director]
Afraid of Nothing, The Jobless King (1999)[actor]
Bullets Over Summer (1999)[actor][writer]
Juliet in Love (2000)[writer]
Feel 100% II (2001)[actor]
Everyday is Valentine (2001)[actor]
You Shoot, I Shoot (2001)[actor]
United we Stand and Swim (2001)[writer/director]
La Brassiere (2001)[cameo]
Shadow (2001)[actor]
Let's Sing Along (2001)[director/producer/writer]
Beauty and the Breast (2002)[actor]
Fat Choi Spirit (2002)[actor]
Love Undercover (2002)[actor]
Happy Family (2002)[actor]
Fighting to Survive (2002)[actor]
Dry Wood Fierce Fire (2002)[actor]
The Irresistible Piggies (2002)[actor]
Women from Mars (2002)[actor][writer]
Summer Breeze of Love (2002)[actor]
Three: Going Home (2002)[writer]
The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002)[actor]
Golden Chicken (2002)[writer]
Ghost Office (2003)[writer/producer][actor]
The Twins Effect (2003)[actor]
Naked Ambition (2003)[actor]
Sound of Colors (2003)[actor]
Itchy Heart (2004)[writer/director]
Love is a Many Stupid Thing (2004)[actor]
Three of a Kind (2004)[writer][cameo]
Hidden Heroes (2004)[actor]
The Attractive One (2004)[writer/director]
Home Sweet Home (2005)[actor]
Kung Fu Mahjong 2 (2005)[actor]
Dating a Vampire (2006)[actor]
Love Undercover 3 (2006)[actor][writer]
Wife From Hell (2006)[actor]
Dog Bite Dog (2006)[writer]
House of Mahjong (2007)[actor]
The Moss (2008)[actor]
Overheard (2009)[actor]
Love in a Puff (2010)[actor]
Frozen (2010)[actor]
Overheard 2 (2011)[actor]
All's Well Ends Well 2012 (2012)[actor]
I Love Hong Kong 2012 (2012)[actor]
Mr. & Mrs. Gambler (2012)[actor]
Vulgaria (2012)[actor]
Diva (2012)[actor]
SDU: Sex Duties Unit (2013)[actor]
Kick Ass Girls (2013)[actor]
Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013)[actor]
Golden Chickensss (2014)[writer][director]
Triumph in the Skies (2015)[writer][director]
12 Golden Ducks (2015)[writer][director]
Full Strike (2015)[actor]
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