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Eric Tsang Chi-Wai
- actor - director - producer - writer -
Eric Tsang in Task Force (1997) Eric Tsang in Cop on a Mission (2001) Eric Tsang in Carry on Hotel (1988)
selected filmography
Challenge of the Masters (1976)[actor]
The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977)[actor]
The Iron Fisted Monk (1977)[actor]
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)[writer]
The Challenger (1979)[actor][director]
Crazy Couple (1979)[actor]
By Hook or by Crook (1980)[actor]
The Loot (1980)[actor][director]
All the Wrong Clues (1981)[actor]
Chasing Girls (1981)[actor]
The Crazy Chase (1981)[director]
End of Wicked Tiger (1981)[actor]
The Legend of the Owl (1981)[actor]
Warrior from Shaolin (1981)[actor]
Aces Go Places (1982)[director]
It Takes Two (1982)[actor]
Till Death Do We Scare (1982)[actor]
Aces Go Places 2 (1983)[director]
Play Catch (1983)[actor]
Beloved Daddy (1984)[actor]
Double Trouble (1984)[actor][director]
Heaven Can Help (1984)[actor]
My Sentimental Little Friend (1984)[actor]
Affectionately Yours (1985)[actor]
Friendly Ghost (1985)[actor]
Funny Face (1985)[actor]
Funny Triple (1985)[actor]
My Lucky Stars (1985)[actor]
Those Merry Souls (1985)[actor]
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)[actor]
Women (1985)[actor]
Lucky Stars Go Places (1986)[director]
The Millionaire's Express (1986)[actor]
Shyly Joker (1986)[actor][director]
The Strange Bedfellow (1986)[actor][director]
Armour of God (1987)[also co-director]
Final Victory (1987)[actor]
Golden Swallow (1987) [actor]
It's a Mad Mad World (1987)[actor]
Naughty Cadets of Patrol (1987)[actor]
The Romancing Star (1987)[actor]
Scared Stiff (1987)[actor]
Seven Years Itch (1987)[actor]
The Thirty Million Dollar Rush (1987)[actor]
Trouble Couples (1987)[actor][director]
You're My Destiny (1987)[director]
18 Times (1988)[actor]
Carry on Hotel (1988)[actor]
Criminal Hunter (1988)[actor]
Double Fattiness (1988)[actor]
Greatest Lover (1988)[actor]
How To Pick Girls Up (1988)[actor]
In the Line of Duty 3 (1988)[actor]
Into the Night (1988)[cameo]
Keep on Dancing (1988)[actor]
Mister Mistress (1988)[actor]
The Other 1/2 & the Other 1/2 (1988)[actor]
The Romancing Star 2 (1988)[actor]
Shy Spirit (1988)[actor]
Dream of Desire (1989)[actor]
Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989)[actor]
Forever Young (1989)[actor][director/producer]
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World 3 (1989)[actor]
Little Cop (1989)[actor][director/producer]
Lucky Guys (1989)[actor]
News Attack (1989)[actor]
Pedicab Driver (1989)[cameo]
Reincarnation of Golden Lotus (1989)[actor]
Return of the Lucky Stars (1989)[actor]
They Came to Rob Hong Kong (1989)[actor]
Curry and Pepper (1990)[actor]
Fatal Vacation (1990)[actor][director/producer]
The Fortune Code (1990)[actor]
The Other Half (1990)[actor]
The Outlaw Brothers (1990)[producer]
The Sniping (1990)[actor]
Sunshine Friends (1990)[actor][producer]
Alan & Eric - Between Hello and Goodbye (1991)[actor][producer]
The Banquet (1991)[actor]
The Last Blood (1991)[actor][producer]
The Tigers (1991)[director]
Zodiac Killers (1991)[producer]
Come Fly The Dragon (1992)[director]
The Days Of Being Dumb (1992)[actor]
Ghost Punting (1992)[actor]
Handsome Siblings (1992)[director]
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China (1992)[actor]
Taking Manhattan (1992)[producer]
The Twin Dragons (1992) [actor]
Bogus Cops (1993)[actor]
Chez 'n Ham (1993)[actor]
Drug Tiger (1993)[actor]
Midnight Calling (1993)[producer]
Master Wong vs. Master Wong (1993)[actor]
Project S (1993)[cameo]
Vampire Family (1993)[actor][director]
Yesteryou Yesterme Yesterday (1993)[actor]
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father (1993)[producer]
Always Be the Winners (1994)[actor]
He's a Woman, She's a Man (1994)[actor]
Moonlight Boy (1994)[actor]
Oh! Yes Sir! (1994)[actor]
Over the Rainbow, Under the Skirt (1994)[actor]
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (1996)[cameo]
The Age of Miracles (1996)[actor]
Who's the Woman, Who's the Man (1996)[actor]
Those were the Days (1996)[1][director/producer]
Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1996)[actor]
How to Meet the Lucky Stars (1996)[actor][producer]
Final Justice (1997)[actor]
The Wedding Days (1997)[actor][producer]
Yesterday You, Yesterday Me (1997)[actor]
Task Force (1997)[actor]
Anna Magdalena (1998)[actor]
Hitman (1998)[actor]
Hold You Tight (1998) [actor]
Mr. Wai-Go (1998)[actor]
Sleepless Town (1998)[actor]
When I Look Upon the Stars (1999)[actor]
Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood (1999)[actor]
Gen-X Cops (1999)[actor]
Fly Me to Polaris (1999)[actor]
Metade Fumaca (1999)[actor]
And I Hate You So (2000)[actor]
Jiang Hu - the Triad Zone (2000)[actor]
I.Q. Dudettes (2000)[actor]
The Accidental Spy (2001)[actor]
Cop on a Mission (2001)[actor]
Take 2 in Life (2001)[actor]
Merry Go Round (2001)[actor]
The Loser's Club (2001)[actor]
No Problem 2 (2002)[cameo]
Partners (2002)[actor]
The Eye (2002)[exec. producer]
Frugal Game (2002)[actor]
Troublesome Night 15 (2002)[actor]
Three (2002)[actor]
Infernal Affairs (2002)[actor]
Golden Chicken (2002)[actor]
Fu Bo (2003)[actor]
Dragon Loaded 2003 (2003)[actor]
Men Suddenly in Black (2003)[actor]
City of SARS (2003)[actor]
Infernal Affairs II (2003)[actor]
Infernal Affairs III (2003)[actor]
Golden Chicken 2 (2003)[exec. producer]
In-Laws, Out-Laws (2004)[actor]
Papa Loves You (2004)[actor]
The Eye 2 (2004)[exec. producer]
Jiang Hu (2004)[actor][producer]
Love is a Many Stupid Thing (2004)[actor]
When Beckham Met Owen (2004)[producer]
It Had To Be You (2005)[actor][producer]
Colour of the Loyalty (2005)[actor]
Divergence (2005)[actor]
2 Young (2005)[actor]
Ah Sou (2005)[actor]
A Wondrous Bet (2005)[actor]
Perhaps Love (2005)[actor]
McDull, The Alumni (2006)[actor]
Invisible Waves (2006)[actor]
Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)[actor][producer]
Tokyo Trial (2006)[actor]
Wo Hu (2006)[actor]
After This Our Exile (2006)[producer]
Happy Birthday (2006)[producer]
The Romantic Fool (2006)[actor]
Big Movie (2006)[actor]
The Pye-Dog (2007)[actor][admin. producer]
Simply Actors (2007)[actor]
Beauty and the 7 Beasts (2007)[actor]
Magic Boy (2007)[producer]
Bullet & Brain (2007)[actor]
Dangerous Game (2008)[actor]
Kung Fu Dunk (2008)[actor]
An Empress and the Warriors (2008)[presenter]
Winds of September - The Taiwan Chapter (2008)[producer][actor]
High Noon (2008)[producer]
Winds of September - The Mainland China Chapter (2008)[producer]
Happy Funeral (2008)[actor]
The Moss (2008)[actor]
Tea Fight (2008)[actor]
Lost, Indulgence (2008)[actor]
Claustrophobia (2008)[actor]
Turning Point (2009)[actor]
Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction (2009)[actor]
Bodyguards and Assassins (2009)[actor]
The Treasure Hunter (2009)[actor]
72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010)[actor][writer][co-director]
Lover's Discourse (2010)[actor]
Just Call Me Nobody (2010)[actor]
Seven Arhat (2010)[actor]
I Love Hong Kong (2011)[actor][director]
Men Suddenly in Love (2011)[actor]
The Killer Who Never Kills (2011)[actor][producer]
Fortune Buddies (2011)[actor][producer]
Summer Love Love (2011)[actor]
Mural (2011)[actor]
72 Martyrs (2011)[actor]
Racer Legend (2011)[actor]
I Love Hong Kong 2012 (2012)[actor][producer]
Marrying Mr. Perfect (2012)[actor]
Jack of All Trades (2012)[actor]
I Love Hong Kong 2013 (2013)[actor][producer]
Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters (2013)[actor]
Ip Man - The Final Fight (2013)[actor]
7 Assassins (2013)[actor][co-director]
The Rooftop (2013)[actor]
Saving Mother Robot (2013)[actor]
Hello Babies (2014)[actor]
Breaking the Waves (2014)[actor]
Horseplay (2014)[actor]
Aberdeen (2014)[actor]
An Inspector Calls (2015)[actor]
From Vegas to Macau II (2015)[actor]
Lucky Star 2015 (2015)[actor]
King of Mahjong (2015)[actor][producer]
Pancake Man (2015)[actor]
Monster Hunt (2015)[actor]
Surprise (2015)[actor]
Buddy Cops (2016)[actor][producer]
Skiptrace (2016)[actor]
Mad World (2016)[actor]
Kung Fu Yoga (2017)[actor]
The Village of No Return (2017)[actor]
Vampire Cleanup Department (2017)
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